Rental Rates

Dust Suppression Machines
HAWC - ModelDailyWeekly4-Weeks
CW Machine Worx Diesel MINI HAWC - Tier 4 Cummins
65 HP, 2.8L Diesel engine w/ booster pump
2.4 GHz Radio, 1,000 ft Remote Control
CW Machine Worx Diesel HAWC - Dust Destroyer
80 HP Yanmar Tier 3 Diesel engine w/ booster pump
2.4 GHz Radio, 1,000 ft Remote control
Dust Fighter - ModelDailyWeekly4-Weeks
DF20000 29.5 HP fan$750$1,500$3,000
DF15000 25 HP fan$675$1,350$2,700
DF7500 15 HP fan$600$1,200$2,400
*Pedestal Mount w/ oscillation & remote control
Self Contained Package w/ generator and CW frameworkDailyWeekly4-Weeks
DF20000 w/ 56 KW, Trailer & Remote$1,250 $2,500$5,000
DF15000 w/ 36 KW, Trailer & Remote$1,125$2,250$4,500
DF7500 w/ 25 KW, Trailer & Remote$875$1,750$3,500
Self Contained Package w/ generator and 850 gallon tank/frameDailyWeekly4-Weeks
DF20000 w/ 56 KW, Trailer & Remote$1,375$2,750$5,500
DF15000 w/ 36 KW, Trailer & Remote $1,250$2,500$5,000
DF7500 w/ 20 KW, Trailer & Remote$1,000 $2,000$4,000
*WARNING - Do not tow with water in the tank.
Water Trucks
Capacity DailyWeekly 4-Weeks
2000-2500 Gallons with Cannon$390$1,170$3,500
4000-4500 Gallons with Cannon $625$1,870$5,600
Ultra High Reach Demolition Excavators
Carrier Front DailyWeekly4-Weeks
Kobelco SK260 w/ Hydraulic Tool 50'$4,750$9,500$19,000
Kobelco SK350 w/ Hydraulic Tool 60' $6,125$12,250$24,500
Kobelco SK350 w/ Hydraulic Tool - 5,500 lb Tool75'N/A$16,000$32,000
Kobelco SK500 w/ Hydraulic Tool - 8,000 lb Tool79'N/A$18,500$37,000
Kobelco SK500 w/ Hydraulic Tool - 6,500 lb Tool86' N/A$17,000$34,000
Kobelco SK500 w/ Hydraulic Tool - 5,000 lb Tool92'N/A$18,500$37,000
Kobelco SK500 w/ Hydraulic Tool - 5,000 lb Tool95'N/A$18,500$37,000
*Price does not include blade wear, tooth wear & maintenance.
*No rate change with grapple.
Long Reach Excavators w/ Kocurek Fronts
Kobelco SK350 w/ Kocureck 72' Reach Front72'N/AN/A$16,000
Kobelco SK500 w/ Kocureck 79' Reach Front79'N/AN/A$22,000
Kobelco SK850 w/ Kocureck 85' Reach Front85'N/AN/A$44,000
*LR rate includes bucket. Grapple available for additional charge.
Kobelco Conventional Excavators
Crawler Excavators w/ Generators
Terex Fuchs Material Handlers
Rubber Tire - ModelOperating WeightFrontGensetWeekly 4-Weeks
MHL320D42,000 lbs31'11 KW$5,000 $10,000
MHL331D52,000 lbs36'13 KW$5,500$11,000
MHL335D55,000 lbs 40'13 KW$6,000 $12,000
MHL340E60,000 lbs 45'17 KW$7,000 $14,000
MHL350E78,000 lbs52'20 KW $8,000$16,000
MHL360E107,000 lbs 59'30 KW$10,500 $21,000
*Includes choice of orange peel grapple, clam shell grapple or magnet
Crawler - Model Operating Weight FrontGensetWeekly4-Weeks
RHL350E 84,000 lbs52'20 KW$8,000$16,000
RHL360E110,000 lbs59' 30 KW $11,000$22,000
Note: 1) RHL units are special orders and deliveries are app. 6 months.
Note: 2) 2014 Standard warranty is 1 year.
Crawler - Model Operating Weight Weekly4-Weeks
PC650MH137,000 lbsN/A$30,000
PC800MH185,000 lbs N/A $40,000
Material Handler Orange Peel Grapples (Bare)
Anvil - Builtrite - Fuchs - Pemberton Weekly4-Weeks
1/2 Yard $1,000$2,000
3/4 - 7/8 Yard $1,250$2,500
1 - 1 1/4 Yard$1,500$3,000
Clam Shell Buckets
Anvil - RotobecWeekly4-Weeks
2.0 Yard$1,000$2,000
2.5 Yard$1,250$2,500
3.0 Yard $1,500 $3,000
4.0 Yard$1,750$3,500
Winkle Magnets
Model DailyWeekly4-Weeks
36" - 40"$300$600$1,200
48" $375 $750$1,500
58"$450$900 $1,800
63" - 68"$600$1,200$2,400
*Magnets priced separately.
Magnet Rotator$375$750$1,500
Magnet Hanger$50$100$200
CP - Hybrid Combos
ModelDaily Weekly4-Weeks
Kobelco SK260 - w/ CP100 / Magnet Hybrid Package -
CP100, 36” Magnet, Hybrid arm w/ cylinder, 10 KW Gen set
*Prices do not include tooth wear & maintenance.
Dressta Dozers
TD-15MLT - 6 Way Blade190$1,045$3,135$9,400
Hydraulic Hammers
Stanley - IndecoDailyWeekly4-Weeks
MB5 - Skid Steer 550 LB Foot Class$125$370$1,100
MB556 - Skid Steer$105$315$945
MB556 - Compact Excavator$105$315$945
MB15 - SK75/SK85$175$525$1,575
MBX208 & Indeco HP2000 - SK140SR/ED160$280$840$2,520
MBX308 & Indeco HP4000 - SK210/SK230$470$1,400$4,200
MBX458 - SK350$700$2,100$6,300
MBX608 - SK500$935$2,800$8,400
HP12001 - SK500$935$2,800$8,400
HP13001 - SK500$2,625$5,250$10,500
HP16000 - SK500 (2nd Member)/SK850N/A$10,500$21,000
*Prices above for attachment only. Excavator is separate.
LaBounty Shears
3rd Member Mount Carrier DailyWeekly4-Weeks
BLS40/2000Bare Tool OnlyN/A$2,250$4,500
BLS80/3000Bare Tool OnlyN/A$3,000$6,000
MSD7RKobelco SK75$1,950$3,900$7,800
BLS40/2000Kobelco SK210$1,715$4,020$9,800
BLS80/3000Kobelco SK350$2,525$6,070$15,200
BLS80/3000 HybridKobelco SK210$2,090$4,770$11,300
MSD800RKobelco SK140$3,000$6,000$12,000
MSD1000RKobelco SK210, SK260$3,750$7,500$15,000
MSD1500RKobelco SK350$5,000$10,000$20,000
MSD2000RKobelco SK500N/A$12,500$25,000
MSD2250RKobelco SK500 Short StickN/A$15,000$30,000
MSD3000RKobelco SK850N/AN/A$42,000
MSD4000RKobelco SK850N/AN/A$44,000
*Prices above do not include blade wear and maintenance.
2nd Member MountCarrierDailyWeekly4-Weeks
MSD7RKobelco SK35$1,815$3,700$7,600
MSD800RKobelco SK85$2,250$4,500$9,000
MSD1000RKobelco SK140SR$2,750$5,500$11,000
MSD1500RKobelco SK210$3,575$7,150$14,300
MSD2000RKobelco SK260$4,125$8,250$16,500
MSD2250RKobelco SK260$4,750$9,500$19,000
MSD2500RKobelco SK350$5,500$11,000$22,000
MSD3000RKobelco SK500N/A$13,200$26,400
MSD4000RKobelco SK500N/A$15,000$30,000
MSD7500RKobelco SK850N/AN/A$45,000
*Prices above do not include blade wear and maintenance.
LaBounty Universal Processors & Carriers
3rd Member MountCarrierDailyWeekly4-Weeks
MDP20RKobelco SK210$3,625$7,250$14,500
MDP27RKobelco SK260$3,175$7,070$16,300
MDP27RKobelco SK350N/AN/A$19,000
MDP35RKobelco SK350$3,975$8,970$21,000
MDP50RKobelco SK500N/A$13,000$26,000
UP20Kobelco SK210$3,625$7,250$14,500
UP25Kobelco SK260$4,125$8,250$16,500
UP30Kobelco SK350$5,000$10,000$20,000
UP45Kobelco SK500N/A$12,500$25,000
UP75Komatsu PC650N/AN/A$35,500
UP75Kobelco SK850N/AN/A$42,000
UP20 & UP25 additional jaw sets (each) $250$500$1,000
UP30 & UP45 additional jaw sets (each)$375$750$1,500
UP75 additional jaw sets (each) $500$1,000$2,000
*Prices above include (1) jaw set. Additional jaw sets are extra.
*Prices above do not include blade wear, tooth wear & maintenance
Concrete Pulverizer
ModelCapacityExc. ClassDailyWeekly4-Weeks
CP60S14" - 18"46,000 - 65,000N/A$2,250$4,500
CP80S17" - 21"65,000 - 88,000N/A$3,000$6,000
CP100S19" - 24"88,000 - 111,000N/A$3,500$7,000
*Prices do not include tooth wear & maintenance.
Contractor Grapples
ModelExc. ClassDailyWeekly4-Weeks
HDR3025,000 - 35,000$400$800$1,600
HDR4035,000 - 40,000$500$1,000$2,000
HDR5056,000 - 65,000$550$1,100$2,200
HDR7065,000 - 88,000$625$1,250$2,500
HDR10088,000 - 111,000$700$1,400$2,800
HDR170111,000 - 180,000N/AN/A$5,000
Builtrite Grapples
2-3 Tine Rotating GrappleN/A$1,250$2,500
38" Sorting GrappleN/A$2,000$4,000
Screen Machine
612T Trommel Screening PlantN/A$2,500$7,500
107D Portable Scalper PlantN/A$2,170$6,500
512T Crawler Spyder Screening PlantN/A$4,000$12,000
516T Crawler Spyder Screening PlantN/A$3,670$11,000
4043T Crawler Impact Crusher PlantN/A$8,335$25,000
*Prices do not include blow bar wear, belt damage, or screen cloth damage.
ER600 - SK210, SK260$790$2,370$7,100
ER1500X - SK140$910$2,735$8,200
ER1500XL - SK260$910$2,735$8,200
ER2000 - SK350, SK500$1,080$3,235$9,700
ER5500 - SK850$2,835$8,500$25,500
*Prices for attachment only. Excavator is separate.
Pile Driving Attachments
MKT V-2Esc w/ SK260
Vibratory Pile Driver - side clamp system - rototilt
MKT V-2Esc (Attachment Only)N/A$3,500$7,000
MKT V-5Esc w/ SK350
Vibratory Pile Driver - side clamp system - rototilt
MKT V-5Esc (Attachment Only)N/A$4,500$9,000
HP185 Power UnitN/A$1,750$3,500
ELS 26" Lead x 45' VT Lead Excavator Mounted Lead System
Rates for ELS only Carrier and Tool Not Included.
Fecon Mulchers
ModelDailyWeekly4 Weeks
FTX128 w/ BH85 MulcherN/A$6,700$13,400
CEM36 Compact Excavator Mulcher - SK85, SK140
*Price for attachment only. Excavator is separate.
BH40EXC-1-2-SDV Severe Duty Excavator Mulcher
*Price for attachment only. Excavator is separate.
BH80EXC-2-3-SDV Severe Duty Excavator Mulcher
*Price for attachment only. Excavator is separate.
BH75SS Skid Steer$875$1,750$3,500
*Prices do not include blade/teeth/knife wear.
LiuGong Wheel Loaders - Z-Bar
LiuGong w/ Hydraulic CouplerDailyWeekly4-Weeks
LG835 Z w/ Pneumatic Tires, 2.5 Yd. Bucket Cap.$375$1,135$3,400
LG835 Z w/ 20.5x25 SD Pattern Solid Tires, 2.5 Yd. Bucket Cap.$1,125$2,250$4,500
LG842 Z w/ Pneumatic Tires, 3.5 Yd. Bucket Cap.$445$1,335$4,000
LG842 Z w/ 20.5x25 SD Pattern Solid Tires, 3.5 Yd. Bucket Cap.$1,275$2,550$5,100
LG856 Z III WL w/ Pneumatic Tires, 4.5 Yd. Bucket Cap.$590$1,770$5,300
LG856 Z III WL w/ 23.5x25 SD Pattern Solid Tires, 4.5 Yd. Bucket Cap.$1,700$3,400$6,800
Pemberton Attachments (Wheel Loader)
ModelDailyWeekly4 Weeks
2.5 Cu. Yd. Scrap Bucket - LG835 - Add-on$150$300$600
3.0 Cu. Yd. Scrap Bucket - LG842 - Add-on$175$350$700
3.5 Cu. Yd. Scrap Bucket - LG856 - Add-on$200$400$800
2.5 & 3.0 Cu. Yd. Trash Bucket - LG835 - Add-on$150$300$600
5.0 Cu. Yd. Trash Bucket - LG842/LG856 - Add-on$190$375$750
Car Body Forks - LG835 - Add-on$75$150$300
Car Body Forks - LG842/LG856 - Add-on$90$175$350
Log For w/ Paddle - LG842/LG856 - Add-on$165$325$650
Mill Yard Fork w/ 60" Tines - LG842/LG856 - Add-on$190$370$750
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*All prices subject to change without notice.


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