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CP - Hybrid Combos
Crawler Excavators w/ Generators
Dust Suppression Machines
High Reach Demolition Excavators
Kobelco Conventional Excavators
Long Reach Excavators w/ Kocurek Fronts
Screen Machines
Terex Fuchs Material Handlers
Water Trucks
Wheel Loaders


Builtrite Grapples
Clam Shell Buckets
Concrete Pulverizers
Contractor Grapples
Hydraulic Hammers
Orange Peel Grapples
Pemberton Attachments
Pile Driving Attachments
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About Rental Rates

Standard Rates:
are based on up to 8hrs/day, up to 40hrs/week, up to 160hrs/28 day month.

Time & Half Rates:
Overtime hours (from 161hrs - 320hrs) will be charged at an hourly rate equal to the monthly rate divided by 160 Times 50%

Double Time Rates:
Overtime hours (from 321hrs & over) will be charged at an hourly rate equal to the monthly rate divided by 160.

Dust Suppression Machines
HAWC - ModelDailyWeekly4-Weeks
CW Machine Worx Diesel MINI HAWC - Tier 4 Cummins
65 HP, 2.8L Diesel engine w/ booster pump
2.4 GHz Radio, 1,000 ft Remote Control
CW Machine Worx Diesel HAWC - Dust Destroyer
80 HP Yanmar Tier 3 Diesel engine w/ booster pump
2.4 GHz Radio, 1,000 ft Remote control
Dust Fighter - ModelDailyWeekly4-Weeks
DF20000 29.5 HP fan$750$1,500$3,000
DF15000 25 HP fan$675$1,350$2,700
DF7500 15 HP fan$600$1,200$2,400
*Pedestal Mount w/ oscillation & remote control
Self Contained Package w/ generator and CW frameworkDailyWeekly4-Weeks
DF20000 w/ 56 KW, Trailer & Remote$1,250 $2,500$5,000
DF15000 w/ 36 KW, Trailer & Remote$1,125$2,250$4,500
DF7500 w/ 25 KW, Trailer & Remote$875$1,750$3,500
Self Contained Package w/ generator and 850 gallon tank/frameDailyWeekly4-Weeks
DF20000 w/ 56 KW, Trailer & Remote$1,375$2,750$5,500
DF15000 w/ 36 KW, Trailer & Remote $1,250$2,500$5,000
DF7500 w/ 20 KW, Trailer & Remote$1,000 $2,000$4,000
*WARNING - Do not tow with water in the tank.
Water Trucks
Capacity DailyWeekly 4-Weeks
2000-2500 Gallons with Cannon$390$1,170$3,500
4000-4500 Gallons with Cannon $625$1,870$5,600
Ultra High Reach Demolition Excavators
Carrier Front DailyWeekly4-Weeks
Kobelco SK260 w/ Hydraulic Tool 50'$4,750$9,500$19,000
Kobelco SK350 w/ Hydraulic Tool 60' $6,125$12,250$24,500
Kobelco SK350 w/ Hydraulic Tool - 5,500 lb Tool75'N/A$16,000$32,000
Kobelco SK500 w/ Hydraulic Tool - 8,000 lb Tool79'N/A$18,500$37,000
Kobelco SK500 w/ Hydraulic Tool - 6,500 lb Tool86' N/A$17,000$34,000
Kobelco SK500 w/ Hydraulic Tool - 5,000 lb Tool92'N/A$18,500$37,000
Kobelco SK500 w/ Hydraulic Tool - 5,000 lb Tool95'N/A$18,500$37,000
*Price does not include blade wear, tooth wear & maintenance.
*No rate change with grapple.
Long Reach Excavators w/ Kocurek Fronts
Kobelco SK350 w/ Kocureck 72' Reach Front72'N/AN/A$16,000
Kobelco SK500 w/ Kocureck 79' Reach Front79'N/AN/A$22,000
Kobelco SK850 w/ Kocureck 85' Reach Front85'N/AN/A$44,000
*LR rate includes bucket. Grapple available for additional charge.
Kobelco Conventional Excavators
Crawler Excavators w/ Generators
Terex Fuchs Material Handlers
Rubber Tire - ModelOperating WeightFrontGensetWeekly 4-Weeks
MHL320D42,000 lbs31'11 KW$5,000 $10,000
MHL331D52,000 lbs36'13 KW$5,500$11,000
MHL335D55,000 lbs 40'13 KW$6,000 $12,000
MHL340E60,000 lbs 45'17 KW$7,000 $14,000
MHL350E78,000 lbs52'20 KW $8,000$16,000
MHL360E107,000 lbs 59'30 KW$10,500 $21,000
*Includes choice of orange peel grapple, clam shell grapple or magnet
Crawler - Model Operating Weight FrontGensetWeekly4-Weeks
RHL350E 84,000 lbs52'20 KW$8,000$16,000
RHL360E110,000 lbs59' 30 KW $11,000$22,000
Note: 1) RHL units are special orders and deliveries are app. 6 months.
Note: 2) 2014 Standard warranty is 1 year.
Crawler - Model Operating Weight Weekly4-Weeks
PC650MH137,000 lbsN/A$30,000
PC800MH185,000 lbs N/A $40,000
Material Handler Orange Peel Grapples (Bare)
Anvil - Builtrite - Fuchs - Pemberton Weekly4-Weeks
1/2 Yard $1,000$2,000
3/4 - 7/8 Yard $1,250$2,500
1 - 1 1/4 Yard$1,500$3,000
Clam Shell Buckets
Anvil - RotobecWeekly4-Weeks
2.0 Yard$1,000$2,000
2.5 Yard$1,250$2,500
3.0 Yard $1,500 $3,000
4.0 Yard$1,750$3,500
Winkle Magnets
Model DailyWeekly4-Weeks
36" - 40"$300$600$1,200
48" $375 $750$1,500
58"$450$900 $1,800
63" - 68"$600$1,200$2,400
*Magnets priced separately.
Magnet Rotator$375$750$1,500
Magnet Hanger$50$100$200
CP - Hybrid Combos
ModelDaily Weekly4-Weeks
Kobelco SK260 - w/ CP100 / Magnet Hybrid Package -
CP100, 36” Magnet, Hybrid arm w/ cylinder, 10 KW Gen set
*Prices do not include tooth wear & maintenance.
Dressta Dozers
TD-15MLT - 6 Way Blade190$1,045$3,135$9,400
Hydraulic Hammers
Stanley - IndecoDailyWeekly4-Weeks
MB5 - Skid Steer 550 LB Foot Class$125$370$1,100
MB556 - Skid Steer$105$315$945
MB556 - Compact Excavator$105$315$945
MB15 - SK75/SK85$175$525$1,575
MBX208 & Indeco HP2000 - SK140SR/ED160$280$840$2,520
MBX308 & Indeco HP4000 - SK210/SK230$470$1,400$4,200
MBX458 - SK350$700$2,100$6,300
MBX608 - SK500$935$2,800$8,400
HP12001 - SK500$935$2,800$8,400
HP13001 - SK500$2,625$5,250$10,500
HP16000 - SK500 (2nd Member)/SK850N/A$10,500$21,000
*Prices above for attachment only. Excavator is separate.
LaBounty Shears
3rd Member Mount Carrier DailyWeekly4-Weeks
BLS40/2000Bare Tool OnlyN/A$2,250$4,500
BLS80/3000Bare Tool OnlyN/A$3,000$6,000
MSD7RKobelco SK75$1,950$3,900$7,800
BLS40/2000Kobelco SK210$1,715$4,020$9,800
BLS80/3000Kobelco SK350$2,525$6,070$15,200
BLS80/3000 HybridKobelco SK210$2,090$4,770$11,300
MSD800RKobelco SK140$3,000$6,000$12,000
MSD1000RKobelco SK210, SK260$3,750$7,500$15,000
MSD1500RKobelco SK350$5,000$10,000$20,000
MSD2000RKobelco SK500N/A$12,500$25,000
MSD2250RKobelco SK500 Short StickN/A$15,000$30,000
MSD3000RKobelco SK850N/AN/A$42,000
MSD4000RKobelco SK850N/AN/A$44,000
*Prices above do not include blade wear and maintenance.
2nd Member MountCarrierDailyWeekly4-Weeks
MSD7RKobelco SK35$1,815$3,700$7,600
MSD800RKobelco SK85$2,250$4,500$9,000
MSD1000RKobelco SK140SR$2,750$5,500$11,000
MSD1500RKobelco SK210$3,575$7,150$14,300
MSD2000RKobelco SK260$4,125$8,250$16,500
MSD2250RKobelco SK260$4,750$9,500$19,000
MSD2500RKobelco SK350$5,500$11,000$22,000
MSD3000RKobelco SK500N/A$13,200$26,400
MSD4000RKobelco SK500N/A$15,000$30,000
MSD7500RKobelco SK850N/AN/A$45,000
*Prices above do not include blade wear and maintenance.
LaBounty Universal Processors & Carriers
3rd Member MountCarrierDailyWeekly4-Weeks
MDP20RKobelco SK210$3,625$7,250$14,500
MDP27RKobelco SK260$3,175$7,070$16,300
MDP27RKobelco SK350N/AN/A$19,000
MDP35RKobelco SK350$3,975$8,970$21,000
MDP50RKobelco SK500N/A$13,000$26,000
UP20Kobelco SK210$3,625$7,250$14,500
UP25Kobelco SK260$4,125$8,250$16,500
UP30Kobelco SK350$5,000$10,000$20,000
UP45Kobelco SK500N/A$12,500$25,000
UP75Komatsu PC650N/AN/A$35,500
UP75Kobelco SK850N/AN/A$42,000
UP20 & UP25 additional jaw sets (each) $250$500$1,000
UP30 & UP45 additional jaw sets (each)$375$750$1,500
UP75 additional jaw sets (each) $500$1,000$2,000
*Prices above include (1) jaw set. Additional jaw sets are extra.
*Prices above do not include blade wear, tooth wear & maintenance
Concrete Pulverizer
ModelCapacityExc. ClassDailyWeekly4-Weeks
CP60S14" - 18"46,000 - 65,000N/A$2,250$4,500
CP80S17" - 21"65,000 - 88,000N/A$3,000$6,000
CP100S19" - 24"88,000 - 111,000N/A$3,500$7,000
*Prices do not include tooth wear & maintenance.
Contractor Grapples
ModelExc. ClassDailyWeekly4-Weeks
HDR3025,000 - 35,000$400$800$1,600
HDR4035,000 - 40,000$500$1,000$2,000
HDR5056,000 - 65,000$550$1,100$2,200
HDR7065,000 - 88,000$625$1,250$2,500
HDR10088,000 - 111,000$700$1,400$2,800
HDR170111,000 - 180,000N/AN/A$5,000
Builtrite Grapples
2-3 Tine Rotating GrappleN/A$1,250$2,500
38" Sorting GrappleN/A$2,000$4,000
Screen Machine
612T Trommel Screening PlantN/A$2,500$7,500
107D Portable Scalper PlantN/A$2,170$6,500
512T Crawler Spyder Screening PlantN/A$4,000$12,000
516T Crawler Spyder Screening PlantN/A$3,670$11,000
4043T Crawler Impact Crusher PlantN/A$8,335$25,000
*Prices do not include blow bar wear, belt damage, or screen cloth damage.
ER600 - SK210, SK260$790$2,370$7,100
ER1500X - SK140$910$2,735$8,200
ER1500XL - SK260$910$2,735$8,200
ER2000 - SK350, SK500$1,080$3,235$9,700
ER5500 - SK850$2,835$8,500$25,500
*Prices for attachment only. Excavator is separate.
Pile Driving Attachments
MKT V-2Esc w/ SK260
Vibratory Pile Driver - side clamp system - rototilt
MKT V-2Esc (Attachment Only)N/A$3,500$7,000
MKT V-5Esc w/ SK350
Vibratory Pile Driver - side clamp system - rototilt
MKT V-5Esc (Attachment Only)N/A$4,500$9,000
HP185 Power UnitN/A$1,750$3,500
ELS 26" Lead x 45' VT Lead Excavator Mounted Lead System
Rates for ELS only Carrier and Tool Not Included.
Fecon Mulchers
ModelDailyWeekly4 Weeks
FTX128 w/ BH85 MulcherN/A$6,700$13,400
CEM36 Compact Excavator Mulcher - SK85, SK140
*Price for attachment only. Excavator is separate.
BH40EXC-1-2-SDV Severe Duty Excavator Mulcher
*Price for attachment only. Excavator is separate.
BH80EXC-2-3-SDV Severe Duty Excavator Mulcher
*Price for attachment only. Excavator is separate.
BH75SS Skid Steer$875$1,750$3,500
*Prices do not include blade/teeth/knife wear.
LiuGong Wheel Loaders - Z-Bar
LiuGong w/ Hydraulic CouplerDailyWeekly4-Weeks
LG835 Z w/ Pneumatic Tires, 2.5 Yd. Bucket Cap.$375$1,135$3,400
LG835 Z w/ 20.5x25 SD Pattern Solid Tires, 2.5 Yd. Bucket Cap.$1,125$2,250$4,500
LG842 Z w/ Pneumatic Tires, 3.5 Yd. Bucket Cap.$445$1,335$4,000
LG842 Z w/ 20.5x25 SD Pattern Solid Tires, 3.5 Yd. Bucket Cap.$1,275$2,550$5,100
LG856 Z III WL w/ Pneumatic Tires, 4.5 Yd. Bucket Cap.$590$1,770$5,300
LG856 Z III WL w/ 23.5x25 SD Pattern Solid Tires, 4.5 Yd. Bucket Cap.$1,700$3,400$6,800
Pemberton Attachments (Wheel Loader)
ModelDailyWeekly4 Weeks
2.5 Cu. Yd. Scrap Bucket - LG835 - Add-on$150$300$600
3.0 Cu. Yd. Scrap Bucket - LG842 - Add-on$175$350$700
3.5 Cu. Yd. Scrap Bucket - LG856 - Add-on$200$400$800
2.5 & 3.0 Cu. Yd. Trash Bucket - LG835 - Add-on$150$300$600
5.0 Cu. Yd. Trash Bucket - LG842/LG856 - Add-on$190$375$750
Car Body Forks - LG835 - Add-on$75$150$300
Car Body Forks - LG842/LG856 - Add-on$90$175$350
Log For w/ Paddle - LG842/LG856 - Add-on$165$325$650
Mill Yard Fork w/ 60" Tines - LG842/LG856 - Add-on$190$370$750
company wrench
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*All prices subject to change without notice.


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