Drumcutters attachments are manufactured in Germany and known for their reliability and strength. Designed to grind, crush or cut hard rock and other materials, Drumcutters are versatile, efficient and powerful. Drumcutters are offered in a variety of tools including; single and double head drum cutters, rotary drum cutters, grinders, wheels, augers and more.

Company Wrench is proud to offer Drum Cutter equipment. We offer a comprehensive selection of rock cutting and grinding attachments for sale or rent.

Drumcutters for sale or rent at Company Wrench.

ER Series

Drumcutters ER double head drum cutter series is designed for trenching, tunneling, foundation work, and demolition. The operation characteristics allow them to be utilized in noise and vibration sensitive areas. A low vibration profile means there is no damage of sensitive structures and it can be used without inconveniencing others in the area.

The ER series can be adjusted to suit special applications such as tunneling, profiling, or even wood cutting.

  • 360 Degree rotation console.
  • Extremely potent spur gears.
  • Carbide cutter heads on oversized bearings guarantee long operating and service life.
  • Large selection of interchangeable heads for profiling, mixing, and mining.
  • Heavy duty fasteners secure the cutter heads.


ERC Series

The Drumcutter ERC Rotary Drum Cutter Series can increase productivity as much as 50% when tunneling or trenching. When used on a vertical surface, the ERC is unmatched in speed and accuracy, which means you can finish jobs more economically than ever before. With all of the major components made from steel, this unit is extremely durable and can withstand the shock waves that are reflected back from the cutter heads.

  • Infinite rotating head.
  • More efficient tunnel profiling.
  • 1500 gal/min oil flow.
  • Interchangeable with other drums.
  • Narrower trenching ability.
  • Replaceable carbide tips.

ERW Series

The ERW Series Cutter Wheel by Drumcutters take trench cutting to the next level. Combining accuracy and power, the ERW allows you to cut narrow and shallow trenches in both soft and medium rock. This tool is perfect for laying pipe, and fiber optic cable.

The ERW series can be used underwater and are ideally suited for canal work or underwater demo projects.

  • Strong housing and exchangeable brackets for different cutting depths.
  • Two high torque hydraulic motors.
  • The perfect tool for concrete demolition projects
  • Ability to be used underwater at depths of 100’.
  • Proven tool design pick pattern.