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High Reach Conversions

Custom High reach demotion machines customized boom cradle trailer stub boom hydralic pins design manufacturing

High Reach Machines offer a safe option for the demolition of taller structures and are an economical and faster alternative in completing projects.

High reach conversion services from Company Wrench are available on all size excavators. Conversion options consist of two piece booms ranging from 50 ft to 65 ft, to 3 piece booms ranging from 70 ft to 130 ft. Full hydraulic plumbing, tilt cab, cab guarding, additional counter weight, boom cradles for transportation, and track widening up to an extended track gauge of 139″ are available.

The entire high reach conversion process averages 5 to 8 months depending on the specifics of the project. The high reach conversion process consists of the following steps; blue prints drafted, boom assembly and counter weight fabrication, plumbing kit installation, painting of the entire machine and custom trailer designed and built.
High Reach Conversions are available on all excavators.
Conversion options consist of:

  • Two piece booms ranging from 50 ft to 65 ft
  • Three piece booms ranging from 70 ft to 130 ft
  • Full hydraulic plumbing
  • 45 Degree Tilt cab
  • Cab guards
  • Counter weight
  • Boom cradles for transportation
  • Track widening as needed. Size appropriate per machine.

Customized fabrication of Cab Guards tilt cabs hangon counterweights additional counterweights boom and stick modification Ultra High Reach Demolition Machine Fabrication Blueprints engineering