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Kobelco Auto Dismantling Video

Kobelco SK210-D Multi-Dismantling Machine

The latest technology for automotive dismantling! Kobelco’s SK210-D Multi-Dismantling machine is 4 times faster than dismantling passenger cars manually and its accuracy allows operators to recover engines, transmissions, differential gears, suspensions, wiring harnesses, radiators, and exhaust pipes.

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Concrete Recycling Screening

The Dust Regulator

The Dust Regulator, with its smaller and lighter design, is a great tool containing dust at residential and commercial job sites. Its powerful enough to provide adequate dust suppression coverage for a concrete screening operation, yet its nimbleness and 3/4″ utility/garden hose connection makes it perfect for fitting into tighter areas.

MKT V-8ESC Vibratory Hammer

The MKT V-8ESC is an entirely self-contained excavator mounted pile driving solution that eliminates the need for an auxiliary power unit or hydraulic supply hoses, making it more environmentally friendly. With no assembly required, it’s ready to work upon arrival and can save on manpower and fuel costs.


Video Credit: MKT Manufacturing

Kobelco Indeco Hydraulic Breaker hammer 2nd member mount video

2nd Member Hammer Bracket

The Patented 2nd member hammer bracket was designed to help demolition and construction contractors save money on fuel expenses, carrier rental, and freight costs. The bracket allows a 16,000 lb hammer to be mounted 2nd member to an SK500 size excavator, which is significantly less costly to rent, deliver, and operate on site than the hammer’s 100,000 lb minimum size requirement for the 3rd member mounting.

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Terex Fuchs Material Handler Winkle Magnet Scrap handling video

Fuchs Material Handlers

From old to new, we bleed blue! Fuchs is one of the most value packed material handler brands in the industry. Fuchs’ competitive pricing, cutting-edge technology, and strong reliability have been drawing more and more recycling facilities and shipping ports to change their machine color to blue!

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Kobleco Excavator with Drumcutters rock grinding attachment video

Drumcutters ER 1500 X

The Drumcutters ER 1500 X excavator attachment is a twin head cutter that can easily plow through rock, concrete, asphalt, and wood. Drumcutter attachments are ideal for trenching, demolition, excavation, underwater excavation, tunneling, and wall profiling. Excavator weight requirements for the ER 1500 X ranges from 44,000-88,000 lb size machines.

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Kobelco MKT Excavator Hung Pile Driver Video


Company Wrench and MKT brings you the first fully integrated excavator-hung pile driving solution that is more efficient and environmentally friendly. With no assembly required, it is ready to work upon delivery. The integration eliminates the auxiliary power unit and hydraulic supply hoses, cutting down on manpower costs and environmental contamination concerns. These machines will revolutionize the way your crew can install and remove pilings on your site and are now available for rent or sale.

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Custom Ultra High Reach Demolition Rental video

95′ C.W. Machineworx High Reach In Action

Heavy equipment operators are masters at transferring operating skills to new machines. Control sticks, triggers, and buttons can be reconfigured from machine to machine with a minimal learning curve. The same can be said to some extent about operating a high reach for the first time. Professional operators can acquaint themselves to the controls with a small amount of training, however tearing down a 12-story building safely can make the most experienced operator’s brow bead with sweat. That is why Company Wrench offers High Reach Training services with every high reach rental.

LaBounty MDP 30 Demolition Processor recycling concrete video

Increasing Productivity with Mobile Demolition Processors

Stanley LaBounty Mobile Demolition Processors are turning heads on demolition sites across the nation due to their increased power and speed. In less than two hours, AlliedBean demolished a 50,000 sq. ft. 3-story concrete office building to the ground using the MDP30R with the Concrete Cracker Apex Jaw Blade. They join a growing number of Demolition Contractors who are finding more projects where the MDP line offer distinct advantages over other demolition attachments. Stanley LaBounty is set to release two new models this year to replace the MDP30R, the MDP27R, and MDP35R, which will offer even quicker cycle times and considerable crushing/cutting force increases.