Kundel manufactures industry-leading trench safety products
for any excavation project. 

What Sets Kundel Apart?

Every decision Kundel makes is based on creating the safest and most durable product for its customers.  Kundel uses a “bend and form” steel sidewall design to provide a lightweight, durable trench box.  This “bend and form” design allows for Kundel to reinforce key sections, such as end tubes and pounding areas, to withstand damage from the trench or excavator for a longer-lasting trench box.

Increased Durability and Less Wear and Tear

Each trench box comes standard with continuous all steel members, all steel end tubes, and internal pounding members to disperse force created by the excavator or trench for maximum durability.  Through wall spreader sockets are made with forged steel to support spreader walls for increased strength and longevity.  Another reinforced area is the knife edge.  The knife edge is a solid steel cutting bar that travels the length of the shield sidewall and allows for faster production and a smoother drive.

Easy Placement and User-Friendly Design

Balanced lifting lugs are also featured on Kundel boxes.  These lifting lugs are designed close together for compact, controllable lifting, and a shorter sling for less stress on the excavator’s boom when moving the box.

Once a Kundel box is placed in the trench, its non-rigid design enables each corner to move independently of one another.   This allows for more precise placement than competitive boxes in less time.

After placing the box, an 18” high taper bottom creates more room in the pipe zone.  The extra room allows for a narrower shield, and ultimately, a narrower trench, which saves money on expensive bedding material.  While workers are in the trench, Kundel’s design creates internal shelving to store expensive tools and materials while working inside the trench.

Discover if you qualify for the Ohio BWC Trench Safety Grant!

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation is helping contractors save on safety by providing a 4-to-1 match (up to $12,000 reimbursement) on the purchase of trench boxes through their Trench Safety Grant.  To apply, you need to fill out an application, which can be found at the link below.

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