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“Cutting Edge” of Customer Service

What is the Cutting Edge of Customer Service?

The term “Cutting Edge” refers to the “whatever it takes” attitude upon which Company Wrench was founded. Company Wrench separates itself from competitors by making customer service its top priority. We strive to ensure customers have the equipment and resources to complete their projects in a timely and efficient manner. 

We Respond Quickly. We offer 24/7 service because we understand the cost of downtime. Should an issue arise, most of our technicians can be on-site within 24 hours to help avoid extended delays. 

We Invest in Our People. Responding quickly to an issue doesn’t help anyone if multiple visits are necessary. Our technicians receive the most advanced tooling and training available to ensure the job is done correctly. 

We Provide Innovative Solutions. Our customers are not afraid to take on challenging projects. This is why we stock the most diverse fleet of specialty equipment, attachments, and parts in the industry. We also have the resources to provide customized fabrication services and assist with emergency repairs. 

We Don’t Make Excuses. Customer service is not a single act — it is a commitment to ensuring the success of our customers. This means seeing the job through from start to finish no matter the circumstances. If we promise to do something, we won’t stop until it’s done. 

We Strive for Improvement. We constantly evaluate our processes and procedures to ensure we’re offering the best customer service possible. We measure our performance and our customer’s satisfaction through surveys and phone calls. We are committed to learning from mistakes — not pretending they don’t exist.