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Material Handler Conversions

Material Handler Conversions

Customized Material Handler Design Services

Material Handlers provide an efficient option for moving material with grapples and magnets for the Material Handling Industry. Some of these industries include Inland rivers, ports and terminals, rail roads, coal handling, scrap handling and more.

Depending on your industry we have the right attachment for any and all material handlers. We have clam shell buckets, orange peel grapples, and magnets from the top manufactures in the industry.
Material Handler Conversions are available on all excavators. Conversion options consist of:

  • Three cab riser options
    1. fixed riser/manual tilt
    2. fixed riser/hydraulic tilt
    3. hydraulic elevating cab
  • 10kW to 30kW generators for magnet applications
  • Grapple hydraulics
  • Cab guards
  • Counter weight
  • Track widening as needed. Size appropriate per machine.

Make Company Wrench your first choice for material handling conversions and attachments.

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