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Warranty Information

A warranty is a guarantee from the manufacturer that covers significant costs if certain components fail within a specific period of time. Understanding your warranty’s guidelines is key to receiving the most out of your equipment. Below are the warranties for some of the popular manufacturers we offer.

Compact Machines (Below 6 Ton)

3 years/3,000 hours

Full Size Machines (Above 6 Ton)

4 years/4,000 hours

Specialty Products

3 years/3,000 hours

Kobelco Warranty

Standard Warranty

1 year/1,500 hours

MSD Mobile Shears fitted with Insite

3 years/3,000 hours

LaBounty Warranty

1 year/unlimited hours

Fuchs Warranty


2 years/2,000 hours

Structural Warranty

3 years/3,000 hours

Boom Structure

Lifetime warranty/7,000 hours to the original owner 

(no associated parts or labor)

JCB Warranty 

*Warranties are based on the equipment’s unique serial number. Contact the dealer for specific coverage terms.