About Fecon

For nearly three decades, Fecon has set the standard for mulching attachments and tractors from its headquarters in Lebanon, Ohio.  Fecon products are designed to withstand the harshest environments that nature has to offer.  The Fecon equipment line includes mulching tractors (FTX), mulching heads (Bull Hogs), and stump grinders (Stumpex and Stump Hog). 

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Mulching Tractors

Fecon mulching tractors are purpose-built to tackle any forestry job.  Fecon offers three mulching tractors: the FTX150-2, FTX200, and FTX300.  Each tractor comes standard with the Fecon Power Management System, which allows operators to precisely control both the lift arms and track system while mulching uphill for safer, more efficient operation on challenging terrain.  Additional features include:

  • Increased range of motion for greater control and productivity
  • Automatic hydraulic reversing fans for the cooling system enables high performance, even on debris-filled jobsites.
  • Easy to reach service points decreases maintenance times

FTX150-2 spec sheet

FTX200 spec sheet

FTX300 spec sheet

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Bull Hog for Tractors

Designed to fit up to your tractor, the Fecon PTO driven mulcher will fit up to tractors from 80-440 HP.  The PTO Bull Hog can also be mounted on wheeled tractors for faster travel speeds or on tracked machines for lower ground pressure and better handling on challenging terrain.  Features include:

  • 3-point PTO hitch for greater traction and control
  • Multiple rotors available to match any forestry job.
  • Trapdoor controls debris and creates a finer finished material size

Bull Hog Blackhawk 150-195 HP spec sheet

Bull Hog Tractor Head 150-200 HP spec sheet

Bull Hog Tractor Head 200+ HP spec sheet

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Bull Hog for Skid Steers

Ideal for high flow skid steers, these mulchers clear brush, trees, and stumps down to ground level.  With a Fecon skid Steer Bull Hog, operators can efficiently mulch standing trees up to 8 inches in diameter.  The Skid Steer Bull Hog comes standard with double carbide teeth and three rotor options to fit a range of jobs.  Features include:

  • Counter cutting rake tines offer superb material sizing and performance.
  • Adjustable bolt-on push bar with serrated ears keeps material clear of key components
  • Hydraulic hoses and couplers available for specific carriers

Bull Hog Standard Flow Head SSL & CTL spec sheet

Bull Hog High Flow Head SSL & CTL spec sheet

Bull Hog Blackhawk SSL & CTL spec sheet

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Bull Hog for Excavators

This attachment is designed to fit tracked or wheeled excavators, so operators can climb slopes, cross wetlands, or drive on roads.  The flexibility that the Hydraulic Bull Hog offers means operators can run a variety of configurations to fit the job they are on.  Features include:

  • Perfect attachment for hard to reach areas
  • Pin on or quick-attach mounts are available for fast, easy set up
  • Trapdoor helps contain debris for increased safety

Excavator/Boom Mulching Head 3.5-10 Ton spec sheet

Excavator Mulching Head 8-15 Ton spec sheet

Excavator Mulching Head 12-20 Ton spec sheet

Excavator Mulching Head 15-45 Ton spec sheet

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Stump Grinding Attachments

With a Fecon Stumpex, operators can grind down stumps of any species of wood in a fraction of the time compared to conventional stump grinders due to its high torque.  The Stumpex line is compatible with both skid steers and excavators.  Features include:

  • Low RPM operation avoids the creation of high speed-flying debris for a safer work environment
  • Durable AR500 blades increases attachment life expectancy
  • Reduced maintenance requirements due to the absence of carbide tools

Compact Stumpex spec sheet

Stumpex 2-Speed spec sheet

Stump Hog spec sheet