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For more than 20 years, Fecon has set the standard for mulching attachments and tractors worldwide.

Fecon products are made to withstand the harshest environments that nature has to offer, and with a wide array of products, Fecon can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently. The Fecon line includes; Bull Hogs, Tree Shears, Soil Hogs, Stump hogs, as well as tractors such as the FTX series. When you choose Fecon, you are choosing durability, technology, and efficiency. Bull Hog Mulchers- Fecon’s Bull Hog series provides durability that you come to expect in the mulching industry. The BH series is manufactured to withstand the forces of abrasive material that comes with mulching.

With several different Bull Hog offerings, you can outfit your existing machine with a Fecon, and not worry about needing to purchase an entire machine. Bull Hogs are designed to work with skid steers, PTO hitches, and excavators from 10,000 lbs. to 40,000 lbs.

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Bull Hog Fecon

PTO Bull Hog

Designed to fit up to your tractor, the Fecon PTO driven mulcher will fit up to tractors from 80-440HP. The PTO Bull Hog has the ability to be mounted on wheeled tractors for faster travel speeds, and crossing roads, or on tracked machines for lower ground pressure and handling on a steeper unstable terrain.

  • 3 point PTO hitch
  • Multiple rotors available to match your job.
  • AR400 steel curved shoes
  • Trapdoor controls debris.

Skid Steer Bull Hog

Ideal for high flow skid steers, these mulchers clear brush, trees and stumps down to ground level. With a Fecon skid Steer Bull Hog, you can quickly mulch standing trees 4-6’ in diameter with no problem. The Skid Steer Bull Hog comes standard with double carbide teeth and three rotor options to fit your job.

  • Counter cutting rake tines offer superb material sizing and performance.
  • Heavy and severe duty models.
  • Far and away the most durable mulcher on the market.
  • Exceptional tool life.


Fecon Stumpex


With a Fecon Stumpex, you can grind down stumps in a fraction of the time compared to conventional stumpers, due to its high torque (20,000-30,000 ft-lbs). The Stumpex does not utilize carbide tools, so maintenance is extremely low which means you can stay productive throughout the entire job.

  • Grinds any species of wood.
  • Low RPMs means not high-speed flying debris, for a safer work environment.
  • Mount on skid steers with 20-42 GPM flow.
  • Durable AR500 blades make this unit tough even in rocky conditions.

Bush Hog Fecon

Hydraulic Bull Hog

Fecon combines the best combination of cutting tools, weight, durability and driveline options for tremendous results. This attachment is designed to fit tracked or wheeled machines big or small, so you can climb slopes, cross wetlands, or drive on roads. The flexibility that the Hydraulic Bull Hog offers means you can run a variety of configurations to fit the job you are on.

  • Pin on or quick-attach mounts are available.
  • Trapdoor helps contain debris for increased safety.
  • Adjustable skid shoes allow for desired ground engagement.
  • Durable long-lasting performance.