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Long Reach Conversions

Blueprints Custom Long Reach Fabricated boom stick dipper hydraulic modifications AutoCAD

Long Reach Machines extend the work area over traditional excavators. Long reach machines have become the accepted standard for pond dipping and excavating hard to reach areas.
Long Reach Conversions are available for all excavator sizes and types. Booms and sticks can be modified to meet your specifications. If needed, additional counter weight is also available.

The entire conversion process averages 1 to 3 months depending on the specifics of each project. The overall process consists of drafting blue prints, cutting stick and/or boom, fabricating new sections, welding new sections into place, sanding and painting the boom and/ or stick to match the excavator.

Conversion options consist of:

  • Custom booms & sticks with reach from 50 ft to 80 ft
  • Full hydraulic plumbing
  • Counter weight
  • Boom cradles for transportation

Long Reach Booms & Sticks Hang-on Counterweights Modification Blueprints