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Fuchs Shear Machine Custom Boom Stick Gearbox Bearings Seals Cylinders Pumps Motors valves relays solenoids

With the right size attachment and a smaller machine, you get more work done while using less fuel, which means more money saved. We can also custom fit booms and sticks to suit many different machines. For example, our customer Sunshine Recycling had a Fuchs MHL360, but not with the right stick for a shear attachment. They needed the shear and the rubber tires, so dirt would not fly all over their lot. We transformed their Fuchs material handler into a custom hybrid shear machine. We can also change attachments, so they become more versatile, like the CP100 magnet combo. We designed and patented this attachment to crush concrete and removing rebar and precious metal without having to switch out attachments or use two machines.

CP100 Magnet Combo

Concrete Pulverizer CP100 Magnet Combo blueprint seperates rebar from concrete

A combination of a LaBounty CP100 with an Ohio magnet provides an all-in-one attachment that can crush concrete and remove precious metal.

Fuchs Shear Machine

Custom Modified Fuchs Shear Machine Boom drawings blueprints Top Level Assembly fabrication work order

The Fuchs Shear Machine is a one-of-a-kind shear machine. When you need a rubber-tired excavator for your scrap yard, but they don’t make the tool you need, we can make it happen.