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Company Wrench FAQ

Company Wrench FAQ


Where can I find parts for Fuchs Material Handlers?

  • You can contact our parts department 24 hours a day at 866-262-4181 or visit our Parts Website. We have Fuchs parts in stock and ready to ship, as well as a knowledgeable staff to answer any of your questions.


Does Company Wrench service Fuchs Material Handlers?

  • Yes, our service department and technicians can take care of your machine regardless of the issue. We have 24-hour on-call service, as well state of the art facilities to get your machine up and running. Contact our Service department today @ 866-262-4181 or visit our Serice Department Website.


Do you service other machines as well?

  • We service all types and brands of machines. Our techs are amongst the most well trained in the industry and have been certified by several manufacturers such as Cummins and Deutz to name a few.


Where can I find JCB parts?

  • You can contact our parts department 24 hours a day at 866-262-4181 or visit our Parts Website. We have JCB parts in stock and ready to ship, as well as a knowledgeable staff to answer any of your questions. We are a certified JCB dealer. When you can’t find the part you are looking for, look no further than Company Wrench.


Where can I find LaBounty products, such as shears, processors, or pulverizers?

  • You found them. Company Wrench is the number one LaBounty dealer in the world. Look no further for all of your demolition and recycling needs.


I have a LaBounty shear that I need a blade kit for. Does Company Wrench carry those?

  • We carry blade kits, as well as any other part for LaBounty products. What we don’t have in stock, we can get within a couple of days or less, which gets you back up and running quickly.


Where is Company Wrench located?

  • We have Company Wrench branches located in the following areas; Carroll Ohio, Cleveland Ohio, Cincinnati Ohio, Raleigh North Carolina, Indianapolis Indiana, Charlotte North Carolina, Lexington South Carolina, Lakeland Florida, Jacksonville Florida, West Palm Beach Florida, Frankfort Kentucky, Knoxville Tennessee, and Williamstown New Jersey. We have experienced tremendous growth and will be expanding to more areas in the future. Click here to learn more.


What sort of machines do you rent?


What brands do you carry?

  • We carry Fuchs, LaBounty, Kobelco, JCB, Prinoth, Fecon, Bandit, CW Machine Worx, MKT, Winkle, and several other manufacturers that offer high-end products. Visit our Manufacturer’s Page to learn more.


I need to rent a high reach excavator. What sizes do you offer?

  • Company Wrench offers high reach excavators from 50′ to 100′. For more information please check our High Reach Inventory.


Company Wrench sounds like a great company to work for. Are you hiring?

  • Company Wrench has a family atmosphere and is a tremendous place to work. If you are interested in openings within the company, you can call 866-262-4181, or click here for a list of current openings.


Do you sell used equipment?

  • Yes, we have a large selection of used and new equipment. Check out our Inventory to see what we have, and check back often, as our inventory is constantly changing.


Do you offer financing on purchases?

  • We are proud to offer financing through many different lenders. This allows us to help get you what you need at an affordable price.  Click here to download a credit application and get the process started.


What types of conversion services does Company Wrench offer?

  • We offer several types of conversions including the following; High Reach, Long Reach, Hybridizations, Material Handler Conversions, Custom Sticks and Booms, Cab Risers, Cab Guards, Tilt Cabs. Anything you can dream, our full-time engineers can design, and our technicians can build. Click Here to learn more.

Can a high reach be used as a digging machine?

  • In some cases, we will allow the use of a high reach machine as a digger, but only in a dragging motion, and it must stay within the high reach working range at all times. In other words no more than 10 degrees forward boom angle and only working over the front between the idlers. However, this must be confirmed in writing by both the customer and Company Wrench prior to the rental of a high reach uni

What is the difference between a stub front boom, and a dedicated machine?

Stub Front Boom –  Company Wrench has 11 stub boom long reach and high reach fronts. The stub boom fronts allow us to be able to utilize a different front on several different machines, as well as offer several different heights ranging from 45’ to 100’. This will also afford the customer the ability to switch to a digging front within a short period of time. Our boom fronts also give us the ability to offer a long reach front on our machines as well, ensuring that you will have a front that can handle all of your excavating needs.

Our offerings for stub boom fronts:

High Reach

Kobelco SK260 – 50’ Front 5500lb Tool

Kobelco SK350 – 60’ Front 5500lb Tool

Kobelco SK500 – 65’ Front 11,000lb Tool

Kobelco SK350 – 75’ Front 5500lb Tool

Kobelco SK500 – 79’ Front 8000lb Tool

Kobelco SK500 – 86’ Front 6500lb Tool

Kobelco SK500 – 92’ Front 5000lb Tool

Kobelco SK500 – 100’ Front 5000lb Tool

Long Reach

Kobelco SK350 – 72’ Reach

Kobelco SK500 – 79’ Reach

Kobelco SK850– 86’ Reach


Dedicated Machines – Our dedicated high reach machines are designed for full-time demolition. This is a base machine with a dedicated front that allows 50’ to 60’ of reach.  This affords us the ability to ship a unit in just one or 2 truckloads, reducing the cost of freight as well as the cost of setting up and tear down.

We also offer dedicated long reach machines in lengths of 50’ and 60’. These machines are especially useful for dredging ponds or getting to areas where a standard excavator can’t.

Our offerings for dedicated high reach machines:

Kobelco SK260 – 50’ 5500lb Tool

Kobelco SK350 – 60’ 5500lb Tool

Our offerings for dedicated long reach machines.

Kobelco SK 210 – 50’ Reach

Kobelco SK 260 – 60’ Reach






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