About Bandit

Bandit was founded on the idea of providing industry-leading tree care and landscaping products driven by customer feedback.  For nearly 40 years, Bandit has been synonymous with quality.  Browse Company Wrench’s full inventory of Bandit handfed towable wood chippers and stump grinders for sale below.

Hand-Fed Chippers

Bandit’s 12XPC and 15XPC handfed towable chippers offer cost-effective, long-term support for tree care and landscaping jobs. Features include:

  • Height adjustable 360° discharge chute with end chip deflector
  • Bandit control panel with reversing auto feed increases jobsite safety and efficiency
  • Bandit’s Slide Box Feed System features dual feed wheels, creating one of the top pulling powers in the industry

Stump Grinders

Bandit’s SG-40 and SG-75 are designed with safety and productivity in mind.  Both units come with expandable and retractable tracks for easier maneuverability when operating in challenging work environments.  Additional features include:

  • Industry’s largest chip containment system
  • Bandit’s Super Sweet automatically backs the cutter wheel away from too large of cuts
  • 3-position console allows operators to have an optimal view while making cuts