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MKT Vibratory Hammers

When it comes to selecting the right equipment for the job, maximizing a single piece of equipment for multiple tasks can certainly save money — but only if it can handle the work.  Another major consideration is space to operate equipment.  For pile driving, excavator mounted side clamp hammers can give you the power, accuracy, and maneuverability required for low headroom applications and hard to access areas at a lower cost.

MKT Vibratory Pile Driver V Series

The MKT V2, V5, V8, V22 vibratory driver/extractor series provides tremendous driving and extracting performance for foundation construction scenarios that call for non-bearing piling. The MKT V series offers the perfect combination of hydraulic horsepower, frequency, and total weight. MKT’s modular hammer design allows users to bolt on multiple attachments for driving and extracting different pile types such as: sheet pile, h-pile, timber pile, and caisson pile.

♦ Versatility – A bolt on side clamp and other attachments allow for driving multiple pile types with one hammer. The bottom clamp can be removed and replaced with a beam to drive caisson or pipe pile.

♦ Serviceability – Bolt on attachment allows for easy maintenance. The user can simply unbolt the attachment and replace it with a new one, eliminating downtime on the jobsite.

♦ Dependability – MKT hammers are manufactured in Saint Louis, MO using certified American steel and the best components in the business including Sun, Rexroth, and Parker just to name a few.

Crane Hung

Over the years, traditional pile driving was almost always accomplished with a crane-hung application. This method is still as effective, however, cranes can be expensive to operate, move, and assemble and disassemble. Excavators are typically simpler, less expensive — and most contractors currently own or have easy access to one. With this in mind, MKT Manufacturing developed excavator-mounted vibratory hammers with side clamp. The V-2 and V-5 crane-hung hammers were re-designed with the idea of having a crane-hung application hammer, as well as, an excavator-mounted hammer option available. In this way, operators
could use their hammers in both an excavator-mounted and crane-hung application.

Side Clamp Hammers

MKT’s V-2Esc and V-5Esc model hammers feature removable side-clamp and RotoTilt attachments, allowing them to be hung from a crane and powered by an MKT hydraulic power unit.  The units can also be mounted to an excavator of the appropriate size and powered by its hydraulics. Excavators without the necessary hydraulic capacity can be pinned from the bucket cylinder of your selected machine and driven by a hydraulic power unit.


MKT V-2Esc Vibratory Hammer

The MKT V-2E Vibratory Hammer, is a popular mid-size vibro hammer that is very versatile and capable of driving all different types of pile. There are many clamps available including a universal sheet pile clamp, h-pile, timber pile, and caisson pile. The vibratory hammer is also designed for use with a crane and hydraulic power pack. A vibratory pile driver and Kobelco SK270 excavator package is available for rent.

  • Driving Force: 25 Tons
  • Eccentric Moment: 550 in-lbs.
  • Amplitude: .50 in.
  • Clamping Force: 25 tons
  • Weight: 5,750 lbs.
  • Excavator Size: 40,000+ lb. machine
  • Excavator Mounted/Crane Suspended

MKT V-5Esc Vibratory Hammer 

The MKT V-5E Vibratory Hammer, is the only product on the market with the versatility to switch from a crane-hung system to an excavator-mounted side clamp system. There are many clamps available, including a universal sheet pile clamp, h-pile, timber pile, and caisson pile. A vibratory pile driver and Kobelco SK350 excavator package is available for rent.

  • Driving Force: 53 Tons
  • Eccentric Moment: 1,300 in-lbs.
  • Amplitude: 1 in.
  • Clamping Force: 62 tons
  • Weight: 10,750 lbs.
  • Excavator Size: 80,000+ lb. machine
  • Excavator Mounted/Crane Suspended

MKT V-8Esc Vibratory Hammer 

The MKT V-8E Vibratory Hammer is an excavator-mounted system for use in low head room applications as well as jobsites with limited space. This piece of equipment has the ability to switch from high frequency to standard frequency at the push of a button. A vibratory pile driver and Kobelco SK350 excavator package is available for rent.

  • Driving Force: 80 Tons
  • Eccentric Moment: 1,150 in-lbs.
  • Amplitude: .50 in.
  • Clamping Force: 62 tons
  • Weight: 9,250 lbs.
  • Excavator Size: 70,000+ lb. machine
  • Excavator Mount Only

MKT V-22 Vibratory Hammer 

The MKT V-22 Vibratory Hammer is a larger-sized vibratory driver/extractor, which uses a 380 horsepower power unit, 100’ hose bundle and universal bottom pile clamp comes standard on the V-22. A pipe clamp and caisson beam and clamps are available. The suspended weight is 9,300 pounds.

  • Driving Force: 100 Tons
  • Eccentric Moment: 2,600 in-lbs.
  • Amplitude: .75 in.
  • Clamping Force: 75 tons
  • Weight: 9,300 lbs.
  • Crane Suspended