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High Reach Excavators FAQ

What is a high reach excavator?

A high reach excavator is a specialized piece of equipment designed to safely and precisely tear down tall buildings and other structures that a traditional excavator cannot safely reach. High reach excavators are a great alternative to wrecking balls when precision is required. Operators use the high reach excavator for a top-down teardown of structures, which keeps the footprint smaller and helps avoid collateral damage. 

Stub Boom Excavator vs. Dedicated Front Excavator

What is a stub boom?

A stub boom is a specially made boom that accepts multiple fronts and makes disassembly for transportation quick and painless. Company Wrench designs stub booms that allow operators to swap between a high reach front, long reach front, and conventional front on the same excavator. This means operators can use the same machine for any job.

What is a dedicated front?

 A dedicated front is permanently attached to the high reach excavator. It cannot be swapped for a conventional or long reach front. A dedicated high reach front excavator is designed solely to precisely demolish tall structures. 

What size high reach excavators does Company Wrench offer?

Does Company Wrench build high reach excavators?

Yes, in addition to renting, selling, and servicing high reach excavators, our expert team can engineer and build them. We design the machine to be a safe, long-term option for your demolition needs. We can convert a tradition, standard sized machine from your fleet into a high reach excavator, or you can purchase a brand new machine for conversion. 

Unique features include: 

  • Stub boom — compatible with standard front, long reach front, and high reach front
  • Counterweight system — picks up the counterweight from a variety of angles, including ground level
  • Boom cradle — provides safe, efficient transportation and storage of the high reach front

Why should you choose Company Wrench?

We have more than two decades of experience designing, building, servicing, renting, and selling high reach excavators to customers all over the country. Additionally, we have one of the largest high reach excavator inventories in the country. Our team can assist you with selecting the right high reach excavator for your specific job, delivery, setup, and disassembly of the machine. 

Questions about renting or purchasing a high reach excavator?


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