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Equipment Protection Plan (EPP)

If you purchase the optional Equipment Protection Plan (“EPP”) before the rental term, your liability for certain losses and damages to covered items may be limited to the deductible. The deductible is 50% of the first $1,000 of repair, replacement, and service charges up to $50,000. You are responsible for all repair, replacement, and service charges exceeding $50,000, even if the losses or damages are covered by the EPP. The EPP does not cover losses or damages resulting from any of the following:

                      • Breaching the terms of the rental agreement
                      • Theft, vandalism, or malicious mischief
                      • Misusing or abusing the rented equipment
                      • Violating any law, warranty, or insurance policy

You may decline the EPP if you provide proof of acceptable property damage or inland marine insurance. Please see the rental agreement for complete details, restrictions, and exclusions. The EPP is neither insurance nor a warranty.