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16 Years of Service

Company Wrench Service Truck


Brad Hutchinson (member) started a truck, trailer and equipment shop with 24-hour wrecker and recovery services.

Company Wrench History


Company Wrench opens its first truck repair shop in Fairfield County.

Company Wrench Equipment Delivery


John White (member) joins Company Wrench and brings with him a knowledge of mechanics and repair to the business.

LaBounty Mobile Shear


Company Wrench becomes a Stanley LaBounty dealer and surpasses all expectations of being a dealer.

Stanley LaBounty Attachments and Carriers


Company Wrench begins to offer demolition rentals with Stanley and LaBounty attachments. Company Wrench quickly becomes the 2nd largest LaBounty Dealer in the United States.

Gehl Skid Steer with a Cyclone Drop Hammer


Company Wrench takes over the position of top LaBounty Dealer in the United States which breaks a 31 year record. The same year Company Wrench becomes a Gehl Compact Equipment Dealer.

Company Wrench Grand Opening


Cemented as the #1 LaBounty Dealer in the US, Company Wrench also takes home the Gehl Top Dealer Award.

A $2.4 Million Dollar facility is opened in Carroll Ohio which gives way to high reach and material handler conversions.

Terex Fuchs RHL Material Handler


Company Wrench continues its reign at the top of LaBounty Attachment Dealers in the United States. The Carroll location expands to a 2nd building to accommodate its growth. Company Wrench takes the role of dealer for several manufacturers including Terex Fuchs and quickly takes over as the #1 dealer of Fuchs products in the US. With its continued growth, Company Wrench opens up the 2nd branch in Cleveland Ohio.

Terex Fuchs Material Handler with Winkle Magnet


Company Wrench continues to lead the nation in Fuchs and LaBounty sales, as well a top 10 Terex Construction Dealer. This continued growth sets the stage as Company Wrench opens another branch in Plant City Florida.

Komatsu excavator demolishing the I-10 Bridge in Pensacola, Florida


At the top again with LaBounty and Fuchs, and now looking to expand. Company Wrench opens 2 more branches in Washington Pennsylvania and Jacksonville Florida.

Ultra High Reach Demolition Machine


Company Wrench is now the #1 LaBounty Dealer in the world, and still holds the top spot for Terex Fuchs. Company Wrench continues to see opportunities to grow and opens branches in  Aiken South Carolina, Pasco Washington, and Piketon Ohio.

The Dust Destroyer material retention


# 1 LaBounty Global Dealer. #1 Terex Fuchs Dealer. Company Wrench introduces the Dust Destroyer based on an idea of company owner Brad Hutchinson. CW Machine Worx is born, the manufacturing wing of Company Wrench. The growth continues with locations in Cookeville Tennesse and Indianapolis Indiana.

Screen Machine Screener and Crusher Plant


Company Wrench opens 2 more branches in  Kentucky & New Jersey The inception of C.W. Transport the trucking division of Company Wrench is formed.

CP100 Magnet Combo


# 1 LaBounty Global Dealer. #1 Terex Fuchs Dealer. Company Wrench opens the Middletown Ohio branch. Company Wrench takes on the Sany excavator line. Patents are issued for the CP100 Magnet Combo attachment, the 2nd Member Hammer Bracket, and mobile dust suppression systems.

2nd Member Hammer Bracket


# 1 LaBounty Global Dealer. #1 Terex Fuchs Dealer. Company Wrench takes over as a Kobelco dealer.  Company Wrench opens a branch in Raleigh NC and becomes a Kobelco dealer in the Raleigh area.

Mini HAWC Dust Suppression


# 1 LaBounty Global Dealer. #1 Terex Fuchs Dealer. Company Wrench obtains multiple patents for diesel-powered dust suppression machines. Company Wrench opens a branch in Knoxville Tennessee and serves as a Kobelco dealer in the area. CW Machine Worx starts the manufacturing of the Tier IV Final diesel powered Mini HAWC mobile dust suppression units and global distribution of the HAWC product lines. Company Wrench hosts the First  Operator for a Day Charity event at the Carroll Headquarters. Company Wrench becomes the North American distributor for Kocurek high reach and long reach fronts.

JCB Wheel Loader


# 1 LaBounty Global Dealer. #1 Terex Fuchs Dealer. Company Wrench moves branch locations from Plant City, FL to  Lakeland, FL and Aiken, SC  to Columbia, SC. Williamstown, New Jersey becomes a Kobelco Dealership location. Company Wrench becomes a JCB Dealer in North and South Carolina. Company Wrench also becomes a Fecon and Drumcutter equipment dealer.

Dust Regulator with Hydra Water Tank and Generator Package


# 1 LaBounty Global Dealer. #1 Terex Fuchs Dealer. CW Machine Worx begins manufacturing of the Dust Demolisher Electric Dust Suppression machine and development of the self-contained Hydra dust suppression package and Genie High Reach Dust Suppression system. Company Wrench begins the distribution of the Dust Regulator and Dust Mister dust suppression machines.

Bandit Horizontal Grinders Dealer


# 1 LaBounty Global Dealer. #1 Terex Fuchs Dealer. Company Wrench takes on 2 new lines including Prinoth and Bandit.


# 1 LaBounty Global Dealer. #1 Terex Fuchs Dealer. Fecon Top Performer Tractor Award.