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Fecon Forestry Mulching Equipment

July 27, 2021

Fecon Forestry Mulching Highlights

Fecon has dispelled the notion that longevity is a precursor to leadership.  In just 30 short years, Fecon established itself as the industry leader in forestry and land-clearing equipment. From Stumpex stump grinders to FTX mulching tractors, Fecon has the right machine to tackle any project with confidence.  Boasting unmatched levels of performance and reliability, Fecon’s equipment ensures projects are completed efficiently with minimal clean-up.  For these reasons, Company Wrench proudly offers Fecon’s full line of forestry and land clearing equipment at select locations across the country.

Bull Hog

Fecon’s Bull Hog is the perfect tool for cutting down brush, trimming trees, and taking stumps down to grade level. With three different rotor designs, there is a Bull Hog fit for every occasion. This top-of-the-line mulching attachment can be mounted to excavators, skid steers, and hydraulic machines. One of Company Wrench’s favorite configurations is the FTX128 tractor paired with a BH85 mulching attachment.

FTX Tractors

Fecon’s specialty tractors were engineered specifically for the forestry industry.  The FTX128, FTX150, FTX200, and FTX300 closed-cab tractors allow customers to transition between attachments, making them perfect for land clearing projects.  Backed by Company Wrench’s “cutting-edge” service team, Fecon’s tractors are perfect for projects of any size or duration.  


The Stumpex is the most durable stump clearing tool on the market. This stump grinder can be mounted on skid steers and backhoes with hydraulic output of at least 20 GPM.  It can also be mounted on 20 ton-class excavators with hydraulic output of at least 30 GPM.  This low RPM, high torque attachment destroys stumps of almost any species or size.  For example, the SHX33 model removes stumps 8 to 28 inches in diameter with a single bore and removes larger stumps with two or more bores. 

Fecon Equipment Rental and Sales

Fecon’s expertise in the forestry and land clearing industry is apparent in every machine it designs.  Company Wrench’s sales representatives, technicians, and support specialists are trained to operate, service, and maintain Fecon tractors and attachments. If minimizing maintenance costs and maximizing production are important to your business, please contact Company Wrench for more information about Fecon equipment sales, rentals, parts, and support.