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Company Wrench Builds 125ft High Reach Excavator

October 17, 2023
Company Wrench recently expanded its demolition product line after building a 125-foot high reach excavator. The unit was built at Company Wrench’s Carroll, Ohio headquarters and features a three-piece boom specially made for a Kobelco SK850 carrier. “When we were building the front, we tried to maintain mostly Kobelco components for easier parts sourcing,” Company Wrench’s […] Read More

Benefits of Heavy Equipment Maintenance Plans

October 9, 2023
Maintenance is the largest hidden cost associated with owning heavy equipment. Customers’ operating expenses are always rising due to increased parts prices and service rates. However, some equipment dealers offer a solution in the form of heavy equipment maintenance plans, which provide customers with discounted OEM parts, labor, and travel at a fixed rate over […] Read More