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Selecting the Right Heavy Equipment Scrap Attachments

December 29, 2022
Heavy equipment scrap attachments enable machines like excavators and material handlers to sort, cut, and load scrap.The right attachment and machine combination will drastically increase a scrap processor’s profits. The wrong combination leads to unnecessary service bills and downtime.To select the proper heavy equipment attachment, scrap processors should determine the size and weight of the […] Read More

Honeycutt Uses YouTube Channel to Share 270T Projects

December 12, 2022
As a school principal who grew up on a farm in North Carolina, Lance Honeycutt is passionate about education and heavy machinery.  Both were at the front of his mind when he created his YouTube channel called Honeycutt’s Brush & More in 2021.  The channel showcases projects he completes on his family’s farm and for […] Read More