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LaBounty—Benefits, Highlights, New Machines

March 12, 2019
You can’t think about the scrap and demolition industry without thinking LaBounty. LaBounty’s attachments have been cutting steel and crushing rock for over 40 years, and continue to be a leading force in the industry. Made right here in the United States, LaBounty products are known for their durability and efficiency. Back in 1977, LaBounty […] Read More

How to Choose the Right Excavator–Tips from the Pros

December 11, 2018
Excavators are vital to many industries and projects. From general contracting, grading, and pipe laying projects to mass excavation, demolition, and clearing jobs, having the right excavator is key to achieving results. When choosing an excavator for your project, there are many important considerations. First, you need to look at the reach and dig depth. […] Read More

Fuchs – Benefits, highlights, new machines

September 18, 2018
When you’re looking for some of the best construction equipment in the industry, look no further than Fuchs, which has been crafting top-quality machines for over 125 years. They were one of the first companies to build a purpose-built material handler for the scrap and recycling industries and have a reputation for quality and innovation […] Read More

Shears, MDP’S, and UP’s

August 30, 2018
For the demolition and scrap industries, shears, multi demolition processors, and universal processors are vitally important pieces of machinery. It’s important to purchase wisely and keep up with regular maintenance so your investment continues working for years to come. The two biggest issues that shears, MDP, and UP machinery face are lack of maintenance and […] Read More

High Reach Excavators – Commonly Asked Questions on Offerings, Operation & Safety

July 25, 2018
Written By: Michael Bowens, Service Manager, Company Wrench What is a High Reach Excavator? A high reach excavator is a specialized piece of equipment designed to safely and precisely tear down tall buildings and other structures that a traditional excavator cannot safely reach. You might use this machine to demolish multi-story apartment buildings, coal plant […] Read More

Beat the Heat – Caring for Machinery Equipment During the Summer

June 19, 2018
Written By: Michael Bowens, Service Manager, Company Wrench Summer is upon us and with the temperatures climbing higher every day, you need to think about the heat. Machines perform best in the summer, but that doesn’t mean they are designed for blazing hot temperatures. Even simple items, such as the grease used to lubricate the […] Read More

Why buy JCB – New machines, new technology

May 9, 2018
Investing in a machine means investing in the company behind it. Construction equipment comes with a large price tag, so it’s important to invest in a company that you know you can trust for the lifetime of your machine. The best machines come from companies that invest not only in their products, but also in […] Read More

Should I Rent or Buy Heavy Machinery?

March 28, 2018
Business decisions are never made easily, especially when they involve transactions such as purchasing expensive equipment. Whether you choose to rent or own, large machinery comes with a larger price tag. You know you want to keep costs low in order to turn the greatest profit, but it’s hard to determine which route will be […] Read More

How to get your machines ready for Spring Thaw

February 11, 2018
When the weather drops below freezing and harsh winter storms are in the forecast it’s time to put your machines into storage. The snow, ice, and freezing temperatures can all cause severe damage to your equipment when stored incorrectly. Damages can include frozen fuel, frozen coolant, drained batteries, hardened seals, and decreased diesel exhaust fluid […] Read More

New Dealer of Drumcutters Hydraulic Excavator Attachments

April 13, 2017
Company Wrench has become the newest distributor of Drumcutters hydraulic Excavator Attachments. Drumcutters German manufactured products are based around a common, well proven cutting technology using carbide tipped teeth to crush, grind or cut hard materials. Their attachments are designed to be robust, long lasting and low maintenance while using the hydraulic power available from […] Read More