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Fall in Love…With Your Heavy Machinery

February 19, 2020

It’s February, which means love is all around us. And it’s time to fall in love once again—with your heavy equipment. Whether you’re in the demolition, construction, landscaping, or other industry, you deserve to love the heavy machinery and attachments your company rents or buys. Here are some aspects to consider when looking for your dream piece of equipment.


You probably had a list of criteria in your mind when you chose your dream car or were looking for your dream spouse. So, it makes sense you would have an ideal list of features in your dream machinery. Company Wrench carries the best brands of machines and attachments with all the latest features. We can also customize your existing equipment with new features like cab risers, counterweights, track widening, and much more. You should love every feature of your heavy machinery, and Company Wrench is here to ensure you do. 

Initial vs. Long-Term Cost

The buy versus rent dilemma can be a difficult one to navigate. When considering a piece of heavy machinery, both the initial and long-term (operating cost, storage, maintenance) costs should be reviewed. Keep in mind, although you may not love the upfront purchase price, any long-term savings could mean you feel more love for your heavy equipment over time. On the other hand, you may love the savings you get by renting as the need arises and never paying for machine storage. But don’t worry; with Company Wrench, you’ll always love the value of the high-quality machines we sell and rent.


Love is a verb; it’s something that takes work and action to sustain. Owners and operators of heavy equipment will need to show that same active love to their machines and attachments by performing regular maintenance. When picking your machine or attachment, ask us about the maintenance requirements to ensure the machine will meet your needs. For example, some machines may perform better in winter without additional maintenance while others would require increased servicing. It’s important to understand what you’re getting into to ensure you love the machine or attachment you pick.

Operator Knowledge

Renting heavy equipment means always getting a chance to use the latest models with enhanced features you’re sure to love. But what about being able to operate these machines? When you buy or rent from Company Wrench, you don’t have to worry about having equipment operators already familiar with the new machine. We can help your employees with learning to manage any equipment we supply. We even make sure to include detailed instructions on how to service each piece of equipment you buy or rent to ensure top performance at all times.

It’s easy to fall in love with your heavy equipment when you purchase or rent from Company Wrench. Call us today and let our experienced team lead you to the perfect machine match!