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Get To Know Screen Machine Industries

June 14, 2022

Screen Machine Industries, headquartered in Etna, Ohio, is a leading manufacturer in the aggregate processing industry. Since 1966, SMI has provided industry-leading productivity and product support. SMI manufactures American-made portable crushing plants, screening plants, trommel screens, and stacking conveyors. 


The aggregate processing industry consists of two main components — crushing and screening. SMI offers a variety of products for both of these processes.

Screen Machine crushing plants are often used to crush mined materials such as limestone, basalt, and granite, or to recycle excess asphalt and concrete from job sites. Recycled construction materials provide a cheaper source of aggregate for future use than newly mined material. Recycling most of these materials also reduces the freight costs related to landfill disposal. 

SMI offers 3 types of crushing plants, each of which are geared toward a specific desired end product. These plants are known as jaw, impact, and cone crushers. 

  • Screen Machine jaw crushers use compressive force from a stationary jaw and a moving jaw. A jaw crusher is commonly used for primary crushing of harder aggregate, such as granite. The angle between the two jaws, also referred to as the nip angle, is one of the most important factors to consider when crushing material. This angle determines the size of the finished product. 
  • Screen Machine cone crushers process aggregates with a gyrating mantle that swings back and forth to create compressive force. Compressive force occurs when the mantle swings toward the bowl liner. Cone crushers are generally limited to a secondary crusher role due to its smaller feed opening. 
  • Screen Machine impact crushers utilize a rigid rotor to crush rock as opposed to compressive force. The rotors spin and strike aggregate with a small hammer on its edge, which produces a finer, more consistently sized end product. The impact crusher can crush soft to medium hardness aggregates, such as concrete. 
Crusher Type Examples of Materials Reduction Ratio
Jaw Granite, Ore, Slag About 5:1
Cone Previously Processed Materials Up to 8:1
Impact Concrete, Asphalt, Limestone Up to 15:1


Screening refers to the process of separating unwanted material from the desired material. Trommel screens and vibrating screening plants are two effective options offered by SMI.

  • Screen Machine trommel screens use a cylinder mesh drum to separate unwanted materials from desired aggregates. As the drum rotates, the desired aggregate passes through the mesh, while the unwanted material is discharged through an outlet at the bottom of the drum into a separate pile. Trommel screens are ideal for screening softer materials, such as topsoil. 
  • Screen Machine vibrating screening plants separate materials using vibration, which sends desired aggregate through the screen and into piles on the ground, while the oversized material is filtered onto a conveyor and into a different pile. Vibrating screening plants are ideal for screening finer aggregate, such as limestone, after it’s been processed by an impact crusher. SMI has two vibratory screening plant product lines.
    • Scalpers separate materials into two different piles — oversized and fine.
    • Spyders screen materials into three or four piles for larger operations.


SMI’s equipment is manufactured in the United States with grade 80 steel to create a lightweight, durable piece of equipment that offers unmatched production in rugged environments. And SMI equipment innovates smart, efficient design solutions to solve common equipment problems.

As outlined above, Screen Machine’s vibrating screening plants sort materials by shaking them into separate piles. If the screening plant begins shaking before the engine reaches the ideal operating speed, key components may endure substantial, unnecessary stress. The same issue occurs when the screening plant is powered down.

SMI created the Smooth Start feature to control the degree of shaking while the screening plant is warming up or shutting down.

During the screening process, material blockage will occur. Normally, operators have to leave the cab of their excavator or wheel loader and put themselves into potentially dangerous situations to clear blockage.

So SMI created a solution — the patented Remote Crusher Relief System. This feature allows operators to clear any blockage with a wireless remote from their cab. This increases safety and efficiency because operators can stay in their cabs and focus on collecting more materials while the machine blockage clears.


SMI equipment is easy to maintain through the support of its dealers’ network and manufacturing facility in Etna, Ohio. Company Wrench, an SMI dealer in Tennessee and Florida, makes customers’ uptime its top priority. Company Wrench offers the “Cutting Edge” of Customer Service 24/7 to help customers maximize their productivity.

The intuitive design, quick and easy maintenance, and premium support from Company Wrench make SMI’s equipment the most productive in the aggregate processing industry. Contact Company Wrench to learn more about SMI’s range of products.