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How To Rent With Company Wrench

February 21, 2023

Company Wrench is a specialty heavy equipment dealership. We sell, rent, service, and supply parts for a wide range of heavy machines used in the construction, demolition, forestry, and recycling industries. A family-oriented business, our team takes pride in offering expert advice, cutting-edge customer service, and a problem-solving approach. Our construction, recycling, forestry, and demolition rental equipment are available for rent from any of our 12 locations across the US, including Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, and Tennessee. 

This blog post will give you an overview of how to rent with Company Wrench. We’ll look at the kinds of equipment we offer, our rates, and run you through the rental process.

Company Wrench rental overview

First up, why rent? Renting a heavy piece of equipment instead of buying it makes a whole lot of sense, particularly when you only require construction, recycling, or demolition tools at specific stages in a project. It probably goes without saying that by renting you save significant money on your initial outlay. But you also forego having to pay for ongoing maintenance, storage, and upgrade costs. 


Here are some of the broad categories of equipment you can rent through Company Wrench; for a full list, check out our equipment rental page:

  • Demolition rental equipment: We carry a variety of demolition tools, including high reach excavators, mini excavators, truck loaders (JCB), skid steers, dust suppression units (CW Machine Worx). Our demolition rental equipment also includes machine attachments.  
  • Scrap recycling: Company Wrench offers recycling machinery, such as 2017 model Fuchs material handlers, LaBounty MSD shears, high reach excavators, Kobelco excavators for rent, and JCB truck loaders. 
  • Construction equipment rentals: Some of our more popular rental items include hydraulic crawler high reach construction excavators, JCB backhoes, wheel loaders, and vibratory hammers.
  • Landscaping and Forestry: Available rental equipment includes truck loaders, JCB backhoes, mini excavators, mulching tractors, and bulldozers.


At Company Wrench, we understand the value of flexible renting arrangements. Whether you need a small excavator for a short-term landscaping project or a MKT pile driving machine for a months-long construction job, we aim to deliver rental options that offer you maximum bang for your buck.

Our standard rates are based on daily, weekly, and monthly rental timeframes. 

Contact us at 1(866)294-6103 to talk to a team member about your project and rental requirements. We take pride in working with our customers to find smart and innovative solutions.

Available brands

As part of our commitment to best-in-class customer service, we aim to give you more equipment options than any other heavy equipment rental. To make that happen, we maintain a diverse fleet of specialty equipment and attachments. 

Here are just some of the top equipment brands you can rent through Company Wrench:

  • JCB: We’re a JCB dealer with over 300 different JCB machines to support your project. One of our most popular rentals is the JCB backhoe, a versatile machine that excavates, loads, lifts, and trenches. 
  • Kobelco: This is a great brand to consider if you place a premium on fuel economy. Company Wrench is a licensed Kobelco dealer with an all-purpose fleet of Kobelco excavators for rent.
  • LaBounty: We’ve been the top-rated LaBounty dealer in the US since 2004 and the number-one LaBounty dealer in the world since 2009. Some of our more popular rentals include the LaBounty shear jaw and the LaBounty multi demolition processor.

The rental process

Here’s the process for renting equipment from Company Wrench:

1. Get in touch

To rent from Company Wrench, you can come visit one of our many locations in Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, and Tennessee. You can also call us at 1(866)294-6103, or reach us via our contact form. We offer 24/7 customer service and will respond to your first message in under 24 hours. 

2. Choose a product

You may know exactly what construction, forestry, recycling, or demolition tools you require. If you’re unsure, however, we can help you choose the right equipment for your project. We can draw from our versatile fleet of construction and demolition rental equipment to help you find efficient and innovative equipment solutions. 

3. Complete the paperwork

We’ll then ask your company to complete a credit application and provide Company Wrench with a certificate of insurance. This step protects both your company and ours, and equipment can’t be delivered until the paperwork is received by our office. 

4. Equipment delivery

We’ll then arrange delivery of your equipment to your worksite. 

Renting is fast, easy, and reliable with Company Wrench

Across the US, Company Wrench is a trusted partner for heavy equipment rentals. If you’re looking for a well-maintained fleet of demolition rental equipment, construction machinery, or rental equipment for any large-scale project, talk to our team at 1(866)326-9157 or reach us via our contact form

With our wide range of brands and strong commitment to customer service, we’re confident we can help pave your way to success.