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Industries Served By Company Wrench

November 17, 2020

A wide variety of industries and types of businesses need heavy machinery they can count on to get the job done. That’s why Company Wrench is proud to have the equipment and attachments for any job in almost any industry. Take a closer look at some of the industries we serve!


We offer a wide variety of demolition equipment and attachments to help you get your job done as quickly as possible. Some of our most popular machinery includes our high-reach units, specifically for 50-100’ working ranges. We provide multiple options for Working Ranges and Tool Packages to meet the needs of our customers. Many customers are referred to Company Wrench when other competitors cannot meet the needs of contractors who are looking for specialty items. 

We also provide Multi-Use packages, which are fully-equipped machines specific to the Demolition industry. We are able to configure machines from our fleet to match customer’s job requirements with minimal changes due to the way we prepare our fleet with Full Hydraulic Kits, Couplers, Machine Guarding, etc. Our machine offerings often enable customers to get work done in record time by allowing them to swap tools quickly and improve their production with fewer machines on site.

LaBounty demolition equipment is some of the best in the industry, and we carry a wide range of Labounty Tools designed for every demolition application. We can provide customers with a variety of shears, processors, pulverizers, grapples and more to meet their requirements. We will even match Kobelco Excavators and Labounty Tools to fulfill whatever they may need.


For our customers looking for machines, attachments and expertise for their construction projects, we offer the best solutions and options in the industry. Take a look at some of our most popular machines: 

  • SK500LC With 2nd Member 16,000lb. Impact Hammer
    • This machine offers superior performance on removing rock, and is often needed in areas where blasting cannot be done or in a restricted area for a very large carrier. This package is much cheaper than then mobilizing a large carrier that can handle a 16,000 lb. hammer, 3rd member.
  • Kobelco Carrier With Transverse Drum from Antriquip
    • Customers use this machine as an effective way of removing rock or spongy slate in place of a hammer package. It is suitable to work near structures and pipelines that could be affected with the constant impact of a hammer, and can be utilized to only remove a certain width of material.
  • Kobelco SK350 with MKT Pile Driver, V2Esc, V5Esc and V8Esc
    • Numerous job sites need shoring or piles installed before the work can even begin. Our service team has the support and training from MKT to help contractors out with this equipment and to make sure proper safety measures are in place until permanent structures are built at the site. 


Finding the right partner in your landscaping project is essential to making sure your work is completed effectively. Company Wrench is able to offer the top landscaping machinery and attachments to make sure our customers have a successful project. 

JCB has long been recognized as one of the top construction equipment companies in the world, which is why we always recommend one of their machines for major landscaping projects. The JCB 407 is able to be used in any landscape yard application such as moving out gravel and rocks or being equipped with snow removal equipment for the winter months. Being able to use the machine year-round offers customers a great return on investment.

Another one of our favorite machines is the JCB 3TS-8T, which is equipped with a Tier IV final engine, extra dump height and forward reach. With these specifications, customers are able to load into and reach over things that the common compact track loader could not. The unit is also equipped with High flow hydraulics allowing multipliable attachment use.

Finally, the JCB 505-20 is one of the best for landscape material yards. With this machine customers can unload a truck from one side in the tightest of areas with the tight turning radius. The universal skid steer mount also allows for use of a wide range of skid steer attachments that customers may already own.  

Company Wrench: Your Industry Partner

Our experts are also able to provide a variety of machinery for industries such as Dust Suppression, Scrap and Recycling, Forestry and Oil. Our experience within so many industries allows us to provide service for almost any customer completing any project. 

Not only do we have the right machines and attachments for your project, we have the knowledge and in-depth expertise of our Service Team. Our technicians are able to provide repair and maintenance services 24/7 to keep your machinery up and running and reduce downtime with your project. 

No matter the scale of your project, Company Wrench can provide the necessary machines and attachments to keep you on track and as efficient as possible. Explore our different equipment rental options or speak to a member of our team today to learn more about us.