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Kobelco – Highlights & New Machines

July 3, 2019

When it comes to heavy machinery for demolition and construction, Kobelco has been leading the pack in innovation since 1930. Throughout their history, Kobelco has pioneered new technology and their reliable excavators are used throughout many industries today.

Kobelco was the first company to successfully introduce hybrid technology for excavators. Hybrids reduce fuel consumption by nearly 15% which allows more uptime, and better performance. Kobelco also created iNDr which means a quieter, cooler and cleaner experience. The low noise emission is ideal for urban environments, and the cooler engine improves reliability as well as reduces downtime.

Kobelco offers a wide range of excavators. Among them, they offer 2 long reach machines that work well for dredging ponds, as well as lifting heavy loads from long distances. The manufacturing arm of Company Wrench, CW Machine Worx, can help with conversion services to turn your standard Kobelco excavator into a high reach or long reach machine.

Another machine that Kobelco offers that is unique is the Kobelco SK210 Auto Dismantler. This machine is designed to take apart vehicles, engines, and other components. This machine increases productivity and allows for the user to dismantle up to 45 more cars vs traditional methods in the same time frame.

With a wide variety of machines to choose from, Kobelco is a player in all markets. From homeowners to demolition, farm use to construction, there is a machine for every need. Kobelco machines are the perfect balance of power, efficiency, and design. Many of the Kobelco models are built in the USA in the state-of-the-art Kobelco facility in South Carolina. For more information contact Company Wrench.