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MKT Manufacturing Highlights

September 20, 2019

MKT Manufacturing designs and builds quality pile driving equipment in St. Louis, Missouri.    From bridge and building foundations to erosion control and excavation, the MKT line of products has what it takes to get the job done in a variety of industries.  MKT equipment has been instrumental in the construction and repair of pipelines, railroads, docks, piers, ports, and wastewater treatment plants.

MKT’s outstanding customer service has earned the trust of its customers since 1892.  MKT prides itself on utilizing customer feedback to invent tools and equipment and solve unique and seemingly impossible technical challenges.  This synergy has resulted in some of the finest machines on the market.

Customers of Company Wrench have found the V-5Esc excavator mounted side clamp to be one of the most versatile and reliable units in production. The new V-8Esc, an excavator mounted vibratory system, is now available for sale and rent.  MKT is also in the process of making a V-4Esc, which may be excavator-mounted or crane-hung.

In addition, MKT Manufacturing offers their Excavator Lead System (ELS), a machine-mounted lead system that allows the contractor to use multiple tools on the same excavator. The ELS can handle diesel, hydraulic, and air impact hammers, Augers, and Vibratory Hammers.

MKT Manufacturing takes pride in the design and quality manufacturing that allows their equipment to last many years with proper maintenance and service. As an authorized dealer, Company Wrench is here to help you purchase or rent the right MKT product for the job.  Contact our knowledgeable team today at 1-866-450-2366.