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The Benefits of Converting and Customizing Your Excavator

April 24, 2019

C.W. Machine Worx, the manufacturing arm of Company Wrench, offers custom conversions for your heavy equipment and machinery. From long reach and high reach fronts to specialty counterweights, joystick and cab modifications, and much more, a custom conversion may be just what you need for that specialty project.

The question of whether to rent or purchase any type of equipment largely depends on usage.  Deciding whether to rent or purchase a specialized excavator is no different.  If your company only occasionally requires specialty equipment, renting on a case-by-case basis is probably the prudent choice.  Conversely, if your company regularly needs an excavator with considerable vertical or lateral reach, purchasing a custom machine could result in substantial savings over time. 

Dual Pin Boom PC300/350/360

C.W. Machine Worx offers a third option that allows customers to enjoy the best of both worlds.  For example, our stub boom conversions can be utilized with both high reach and long reach fronts. If a company regularly demolishes tall buildings, it may be wise to invest in a custom high reach conversion package (a stub boom and high reach front). This package allows the same company to switch out the high reach front they own for a rented long reach front, when necessary. The ability to use the high and long reach fronts interchangeably is not only convenient but may also save on future rental costs.

Purchasing a specialty machine directly from a manufacturer can be very expensive. By converting an existing machine, your company lowers their acquisition cost to allocate their investment over time. It’s also possible the manufacturer cannot provide the exact custom configuration for your existing machine. CW Machine Worx’s engineering team is able to design and build just about any custom conversion imaginable.

If design data for a particular machine isn’t available, C.W. Machine Worx can reverse engineer your request and apply it to almost any existing machine.  We have an extensive custom conversion database for Kobelco, Komatsu, Dooson, Terex, CAT, and Hitachi excavators, as well as Fuchs material handlers. The time required to engineer and build a custom conversion is directly related to the scope of the project. Smaller projects can be completed in 3-4 weeks, while larger projects may require 3-4 months.

By commissioning a custom conversion from Company Wrench and CW Machine Worx, you get the best of both worlds. Not only do we design and build your custom machine, but we also help you use, maintain, and repair it. When it comes to custom conversions, no one has the experience we have.

Call Company Wrench (or C.W. Machine Worx) for your next custom conversion project!