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LaBounty—Benefits, Highlights, New Machines

March 12, 2019
You can’t think about the scrap and demolition industry without thinking LaBounty. LaBounty’s attachments have been cutting steel and crushing rock for over 40 years, and continue to be a leading force in the industry. Made right here in the United States, LaBounty products are known for their durability and efficiency. Back in 1977, LaBounty created the first ever excavator-mounted, mobile hydraulic shear. A mobile shear is an attachment designed to cut steel beams and other structural steel. LaBounty continues to push the envelope on innovation and design, as evidenced in their newest technology, InSite. InSite is a revolutionary technology in mobile hydraulic shears. This technology gives users the opportunity to pull data from the shears and see usage metrics. This can help increase productivity and reduce downtime. Users can also speak in real-time to certified technicians about repairs and maintenance—all through an app on their phone. InSite is now a standard option on most MSD shears. Never settling for the status quo, LaBounty has also recently introduced the Mobile Hydraulic Pulverizer, or “MHP”. The all-new MHP design has been optimized to pick-up, crush, and separate rebar from concrete faster than ever before thanks to high tip-forces, a large jaw, and fast cycle times. Wear bars have been added in heavy wear areas for a longer service life. The new MHP is available now at Company Wrench. Whether you need shears, grapples, pulverizers, MDPs, UPs, or more, LaBounty is top-of-the-line when it comes to demolition and recycling attachments. Company Wrench has been the #1 LaBounty dealer in the US since 2004 and the #1 LaBounty dealer worldwide since 2009. If you want quality, durability, and performance, look no further than LaBounty. Company Wrench proudly sells, rents, and provides services and parts for the complete LaBounty product line at each of its 9 locations.