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How to Choose the Right Excavator–Tips from the Pros

December 11, 2018
ExcavatorsExcavators are vital to many industries and projects. From general contracting, grading, and pipe laying projects to mass excavation, demolition, and clearing jobs, having the right excavator is key to achieving results. When choosing an excavator for your project, there are many important considerations. First, you need to look at the reach and dig depth. Lift capacity, bucket capacity, floatation, and weight are also important factors to explore. For example, a demolition job requiring mostly above horizontal plane work would need a high reach excavator to complete the job properly. On the other hand, a long reach excavator is best for jobs below the horizontal plane, including grading work requiring an extended reach (i.e. retention ponds, sloping hills, etc.). ExcavatorsA miniature excavator is a perfect solution for jobs requiring a reduced footprint, in small spaces between buildings, or any time the weight of the machine may be an issue. Other specialty excavators, such as mass excavators, offer additional power or maneuverability to ensure you have the functions needed to complete your project. The most popular attachments for excavators include buckets, grapples, shears, hammers, and pulverizers. Each of these attachments should be matched to the abilities of the excavator being used. When you’re looking to rent or buy an excavator for your next project, it’s important to inspect the machine and ask the right questions. Assess the general condition of the excavator and make sure to request proper instruction on its usage. Ask about the weight of the Excavatorsmachine, the hydraulic requirements, the fuel usage per hour, and the number of hours of operation. If you are purchasing, be sure to inquire about servicing requirements and warranty. While there are many aspects to consider when choosing an excavator, perhaps the most important thing to ask is how much support you will receive from your dealer after renting or purchasing the excavator. Always work with dealers who provide full servicing and support.