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Why is Dust Suppression Important?

January 10, 2022

Despite its microscopic size, dust can wreak havoc on demolition jobsites. The seemingly harmless particles can cause short and long-term health problems, damage costly equipment, and expose surrounding areas to dirty and potentially harmful dust particles.

The best way to control dust is to utilize the highest quality dust control equipment available. Here are a few ways dust can impact your jobsite and how C.W. Machine Worx dust suppression systems can help keep it safe and clean.

Health and Safety

Excessive dust particles can negatively affect the health of employees. If dust is left untreated, it can be catastrophic for employees’ health, especially over long periods. The health problems that arise from dust particles are one of the most common reasons employees miss work. When employees can’t come to work, they maximize a project’s time, thus minimizing the profit. On large jobsites, dust particles can even affect the health and safety of the surrounding communities.

Long-term dust exposure, specifically to silica dust particles, can result in serious health problems such as COPD and lung cancer. Such health problems minimize jobsite production and put you at risk of facing all kinds of workers comp and personal injury lawsuits. Efficient dust suppression equipment neutralizes these harmful particles to maintain a high level of safety for you and your employees.

Employers and employees should consult OSHA’s Respirable Crystalline Silica Standard for Construction to ensure they always employ the safest practices on a jobsite where dust is present.

Dust Suppression Systems are Efficient

Dust suppression machines are more efficient than using large sprinklers and hoses. According to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), dust suppression equipment consumes 90% less water than other options and does a better job at subduing dust particles.

Dust suppression machines conserve more water and are more successful in combating harmful dust particles. Standard sprinklers and hoses produce larger water droplets, which are less effective against smaller dust particles. However, dust control machines emit smaller droplets that eliminate dust particles without soaking the surrounding area and leaving you with a muddy mess.

Dust Control Minimizes Equipment Maintenance

Uncontrolled dust particles can create the need for frequent equipment maintenance. This is especially true for those jobsites with an excess of concrete dust. Concrete dust tends to get wet and harden on equipment, which can cause catastrophic equipment failures and expensive repairs. 

A proper dust suppression system will prevent premature equipment failures and reduce the rate at which your equipment needs maintenance. Stop wasting money on unnecessary equipment maintenance and invest in an affordable and efficient dust suppression system from C.W. Machine Worx.

The Solution to Dust Control

C.W. Machine Worx’s (CMW) fleet of patented dust suppression systems provide the most affordable dust control solution. CMW offers the DD-300 for significant dust control needs, the DR-100 for smaller, outdoor needs, and a variety of other options for everything in between.

CMW also provides custom fabrication solutions to help with your jobsite needs.  For more information about custom fabrication or dust suppression systems, visit our website.