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Get to Know Prinoth

January 4, 2022

Prinoth initially made a name for itself as an industry-leading manufacturer of snow grooming vehicles.  In 2009, Prinoth expanded its operations by producing a line of tracked utility vehicles capable of safely navigating nearly any terrain.

Two years later, Prinoth introduced a series of vehicles and attachments dedicated to the vegetation management industry.  Prinoth spent the next decade perfecting its designs to offer customers unmatched production, quality, and versatility which is why at Company Wrench, we are proud to be a certified Prinoth equipment dealer.

What Prinoth Tracked Vehicles Offer

Prinoth offers state-of-the-art designs that suit a variety of needs in a number of sectors. These are the features that set Prinoth tracked vehicles apart from the competition.

Ease of Use

Prinoth Panthers are easier to operate than any other tracked-utility vehicle on the market. The cab was designed to resemble a commercial truck with a steering wheel and pedal, which makes it broadly accessible to new and veteran operators alike. 


In addition to their high payload and hauling capacity, Panther vehicles are capable of transporting almost any tool across difficult terrain.  Using a truck-style chassis normally reserved for on-road trucks, Prinoth Panther vehicles may be paired with anything from vacuum excavators to wood chippers, or power generators to cranes

The Panther’s extreme versatility makes it the perfect resource to tackle even the most daunting project.

Undercarriage Design

Prinoth’s undercarriage embraces a variety of features to save customers valuable time and resources.

Here are a few of the ways Panther’s design is distinguishable from competitive models:  

  • The open undercarriage reduces clogging and promotes unrestricted movement. 
  • The wheels and pivots do not require daily greasing, substantially reducing daily maintenance obligations.
  • Operators no longer need to manually adjust track tension.  Prinoth’s track tensioning system automatically adjusts to the environment and terrain.  
  • Prinoth utilizes larger (but fewer) wheels and rollers to create low ground pressure.  This improves control and suspension when navigating softer terrain. 


All of Prinoth Panther’s external features were designed with one clear objective — maximizing productivity.  Prinoth Account Manager Nick Schwartzbauer says, “Our customers are most impressed by the increase in productivity when they move from another crawler into a Panther.  That is coupled with lower maintenance costs, both of which result in an immediate and positive impact to their bottom line.”    

Prinoth and Company Wrench Partnership

Company Wrench has been a Prinoth dealer since 2017.  The partnership has grown annually and experienced tremendous success in 2021.  Both companies are enthusiastic about Prinoth’s recent updates to its legacy fleet, which have increased speed, payload size, and overall productivity. 

Company Wrench is also excited by Prinoth’s continued investment in the vegetation management industry.  With Prinoth’s recent acquisition of Jarraff, an established manufacturer of land-clearing and tree care equipment, Company Wrench believes the parties are well-situated to serve the unique needs of this emerging market.  We are proud of our partnership and love being a certified Prinoth equipment dealer.

An Industry First

Both Prinoth and C.W. Machine Worx (CMW), the manufacturing division of Company Wrench, are known for offering unique, innovative customization options.  In October, the companies partnered to deliver the ground-breaking mobile dust suppression unit, the Prinoth Panther T16 Dust Suppression Machine.

CMW’s DE-200 was mounted on a Prinoth Panther T16 to provide dust suppression support on a highly regulated demolition project.  With Prinoth’s guidance, CMW’s in-house engineering team planned, designed, and executed the final product to perfection.

“It’s the first time we’ve seen a machine like that go out into the market,” Schwartzbauer said.  “We’re hoping it demonstrates how Prinoth products can be used to overcome obstacles on the jobsite.”

Visit Company Wrench’s website to learn more about the wide range of attachments that can be used in collaboration with Prinoth’s line of tracked utility vehicles.

Certified Prinoth Equipment Dealer

For nearly twenty years we have been a leader in the heavy equipment industry so you can trust us for all your Prinoth equipment rental and sales needs. Visit any of our locations or contact us to learn more about Prinoth tracked utility vehicles and our available financing options.