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CW Machine Worx – Benefits, Highlights, New Machines

November 14, 2019

CW Machine Worx was founded in 2010 as the engineering, fabrication, and manufacturing arm of Company Wrench. As heavy equipment technologies and solutions developed, we needed a way to handle any equipment customization requested by our customers. Excavator and material handler updates, such as cab elevations, safety cab guards, and attachment modifications, were becoming more and more popular. We also needed an area to develop customized long and high-reach fronts. By creating a separate manufacturing division with dedicated space, tools, and resources, we were able to meet our customers’ needs and remain at the forefront of an ever-changing market.  

Shortly after its inception, CW Machine Worx developed and released the diesel-powered Dust Destroyer for use in the demolition and environmental industries. This initial product offering put CW Machine Worx on the map as a manufacturer of quality dust suppression equipment.  CW Machine Worx also offers cutting-edge equipment customizations to address a variety of unique customer needs.  For example, CW Machine Worx’s patented a 2nd Member Hammer Bracket allows customers to utilize larger attachments on smaller carriers. Customers working in confined workspaces have found the 2nd Member Hammer Bracket to be especially useful.  

Dust Equipment

CW Machine Worx has distinguished itself in many ways from other heavy equipment customization and dust suppression companies. The Dust Destroyer (later called the HAWC) is the only self-contained, diesel-powered dust suppression unit on the market. With a 55-gallon fuel tank feeding an 80HP Yanmar Tier 3 engine, it quickly became the gold standard for competitors. This unit boasts an impressive 350ft+ water throw distance that competitors can only match with larger electric units.

The Dust Destroyer / HAWC has a very simple control panel and a manual clutch with a semi-automatic greasing system to maintain the serviceability of the unit. The 3-speed engine allows the machine to run 10+ hours at full speed with 250hr maintenance intervals. With multiple patents approved on the design and engineering of the Dust Destroyer / HAWC, it has become a standard in many industry markets.

The newest HAWC 300-100-D is powered by a 100HP Cummins Tier 4 engine. This dust suppression unit is the latest upgraded version of the HAWC 300-80-D Yanmar-powered unit. The Yanmar-powered HAWC was proven to be a workhorse engine, but EPA regulations called for upgraded emission controls. CW Machine Worx responded by incorporating the 3.8L Cummins Tier 4 engine as the power supply. With a digital Murphy Control Panel and electric over hydraulic clutch, CW Machine Worx has harnessed the technology to fully utilize the power of the Cummins engine.

CW Machine Worx also introduced the Dust Demolisher, the first electric-powered unit, as a complement to their diesel products. Some customer locations, such as scrap yards and landfills, cannot easily accommodate electric-powered units. CW Machine Worx solved this problem by mounting an electric unit, generator, and water tank onto a highly portable trailer. This particular package alleviates concerns about damaging water lines or electrical cords.

The HAWC and Dust Demolisher are outfitted with a number of unique and innovative features.  Our customers particularly appreciate the dual nozzle rings – a feature that is not available with the competitors’ products.  The dual nozzle rings on the HAWC and Dust Demolisher allow the customer to produce two different types of water streams depending on the project at hand.  The 30-nozzle inner ring produces finer mist for smaller types of projects.  By switching to the 6-nozzle outer ring, customers may tackle large demolition types of projects and take advantage of increased water flow, larger droplets, and greater soaking capabilities. The 6-nozzle ring can also be changed to a larger opening to allow the machine to move up to 140 gallons of water per minute! This feature has proven especially useful for the rapid evaporation of water from mines, quarries, landfills, and power plants. 

The 360-degree oscillation can be electronically set at 10-degree increments on the HAWC units. And the 35-degree elevation easily reaches up to 6- or 7-story buildings. The 1,000 ft line-of-site remote control is very reliable and durable, allowing equipment operators to control most basic functions of the machine from their cab. The 4-way entry, skid-based units mounted on a dual axle trailer make for ease of transportation to job locations as well as mobility at the job site.

Equipment Customization

While we could go on all day about the dust suppression equipment from CW Machine Worx, there is a lot more to highlight. CW Machine Worx offers fully accredited engineering design capability for excavators and material handlers as well as attachment tool upgrades and modifications. They have multiple patents on unique items designed to get the job done faster, better, at less cost, and with increased safety.

The CP100 Magnet Combo combines a LaBounty CP100 concrete processor with a 36” magnet so the customer only needs one machine to break up concrete and sort rebar. The 2nd Member Hammer Bracket allows customers to use a large 16,000lb hammer on a smaller machine in a smaller area, resulting in reduced equipment rental, transportation, and operating costs.

CW Machine Worx also engineers, manufactures, and modifies custom long-reach and high-reach fronts in conjunction with their partner Kocurek in England. From 60ft to 100ft reach distances, the new telescoping fronts allow for easy operation. They also manufacture safety items like full front and top cab guards to protect operators from falling or flying debris. 

CW Machine Worx is dedicated to engineering and manufacturing positive solutions so customers can be more efficient in utilizing their equipment and the tools and attachments they need. Their goal is to provide the best equipment and custom modifications while saving you time and money. Have an idea for a modification or looking for heavy equipment customizations? Bring CW Machine Worx any challenge and they will advise you of the best plan to make your wish come true. Call CW Machine Worx today!