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Dust Fighter Overview

August 1, 2022

Dust suppression is becoming increasingly important across the demolition industry. Common demolition practices, such as implosions and concrete crushing, send massive amounts of harmful dust particles into the atmosphere. Dust suppression cannons are one of the best ways to combat this hazard.

Midsize dust suppression cannons offer the best all-around support because they can control dust on just about any size job sites. C.W. Machine Worx (WORX) — one of the industry leaders in dust suppression — offers Generac’s Dust Fighter 15000 and 20000 through its dealer, Company Wrench. The DF 15000 and DF 20000 are two of the most cost-effective midsize dust suppression machines on the market.

Health & Safety Benefits

The Dust Fighter product line has a number of unique features and safety benefits. The Dust Fighter 15000 and 20000 models emit atomized water to remove dust particles from the atmosphere, bringing them safely back to the ground. This reduces short and long-term health concerns for workers and nearby residents. The DF 15000 and DF 20000 also help contractors comply with OSHA regulations regarding silica dust. Read more about the importance of dust suppression on demolition job sites here.

Specifications & Features

A few features make the Dust Fighter 15000 and Dust Fighter 20000 easier to operate and more productive than other midsize models. Each unit features a user-friendly control panel for easy monitoring of pressure, temperature, and flow levels. Both machines also come standard with an integrated booster for better control of water pressure and flow rate.

The base models of the DF 15000 and DF 20000 are impressive machines in their own right. However, when paired with a trailer and generator, the mobile dust fighting capabilities are endless. This mobile dust suppression package also features automatic oscillation and a remote control when constant change of direction is required.

DF 15000≥ 150 ft.76,000 sq. ft.1,785 lbs.
DF 20000≥ 200 ft.110,000 sq. ft.1,875 lbs.

Industry’s Best Value

This mobile dust suppression package offers one of the best values in the demolition industry. Customers benefit from low costs, safer job sites, and expert dealer support. Visit WORX’s website for more information about the Dust Fighter 15000 and Dust Fighter 20000. The availability of both units, as well as other dust suppression products, can be found at Company Wrench’s website.