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Heavy Equipment Buckets Overview

April 4, 2023

Excavators are powerful and versatile machines that are widely used in construction, mining, and other industries.  The most commonly used attachment on an excavator is the bucket, which is used to dig, scoop, and move materials such as soil, gravel, and rocks.  There are several different types of excavator buckets, each designed for specific applications.  In this blog, we will explore some of the most common types of excavator buckets

Standard Bucket

The standard bucket is the most frequently used type of excavator bucket.  It is a general-purpose bucket that is used for digging, grading, and other common tasks.  Standard buckets are available in various dimensions, depending on the size and model of the excavator.

Heavy-Duty Bucket

The heavy-duty bucket is a sturdier version of the standard bucket.  Heavy duty buckets, also known as rock buckets, are often reinforced with extra steel plates, sharp teeth, and wear-resistant materials.  This allows it to withstand high breakout forces to more easily dig into hard soil, rocks, and other tough materials. 

Skeleton Bucket

Skeleton buckets have a unique design with gaps between the teeth, which allows for easy removal of dirt, rocks, and debris.  These buckets are ideal for sorting and sifting materials, such as separating rocks from soil or removing debris from the job site.  Skeleton buckets have a range of grid size options that offer even more precise material sorting capabilities.

Tilting Bucket

Tilting buckets are ideal for digging and grading slopes.  They feature a hydraulic cylinder that allows the operator to tilt the bucket up to 45° at various angles, which makes it easier to work in uneven terrain and tight spaces where precision is required.

Ditching Bucket

Ditching buckets have a wider opening and flatter bottom than standard buckets, which makes them ideal for digging and shaping ditches, trenches, and canals.  They are also useful for grading and leveling.

Excavator buckets come in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit different applications.  Whether you are digging, grading, or excavating rock and minerals, there is an excavator bucket that can get the job done.  It is important to choose the right bucket for your specific application to ensure optimal performance and productivity.  Contact Company Wrench for help determining the best bucket for your job.