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Kobelco – Benefits, Highlights, New Machines

June 19, 2020

Kobelco is undoubtedly a top brand when it comes to excavators. This is largely due to their commitment and focus on manufacturing only excavators that are strong, reliable, and highly valuable for their owners. Company Wrench has some benefits and highlights of these machines to share for owners to keep their eye on for upcoming projects. 

Kobelco excavators are built with a multitude of features aimed at improving both operator and project efficiency. Kobelco excavators have standard safety features such as swing flashers,and FOPS top window guards. Other features such as independent travel, swing priority, heavy lift, boom regeneration and power-boost that is not time limited that are often an extra cost in other brands of excavators. 

  • Swing Flashers are standard on all Kobelco machines and have been for many years. This feature allows personnel working around the machine to clearly see that the operator is swinging, and they may need to stand clear. It also defines where the machine and specifically counterweight is when approaching from the rear in dark or low light conditions.
  • Independent Travel allows the operator to move the machine around the job site while lifting the boom and arm to the full lift chart in a smooth, controlled manner. Some competition will either stall on some functions or stop moving all together. 
  • Boom regeneration pushes oil from the boom cylinders directly to the arm cylinder when arming out, and lowering the boom to get back into the ground for digging. This allows for decreased fuel burn and faster cycle times.  

There are a number of Kobelco excavators detailed below that Company Wrench suggests to those getting ready for their next excavation, demolition, scrap project or operation. 

Kobelco recently introduced the SK210HLC-10 Hybrid with a fully electric swing motor controlled by a lithium ion battery. This is meant to help increase productivity and cycle times as well as reduce fuel costs. Other manufacturers have built hybrid machines that increased fuel economy, but they in turn decreased the excavators productivity. Kobelco’s hybrid excavators have been able to reduce fuel consumption and increase productivity!

Kobelco addressed a need in the demolition market by introducing three sizes of specialty demolition excavators (SK350D, SK400D and SK550D) for the North American market with a high-reach demolition front and three-piece “separate boom” to give the operator additional reach where a standard machine would fall short. These fronts can be exchanged in under an hour with minimal  tooling. This allows the operator to more efficiently work with demolition tools at a higher height range (up to 93 feet with the same machine)!

The SK140SRD and SK210D Multi-Dismantling machines are factory purpose built, specialized machines that quickly and efficiently remove valuable metals from end-of life vehicles for more complete recycling.  With a combination of power and precision, these machines can remove engines, copper wire and aluminum with speed and ease, generating increased revenues for the automotive recycling industry.

Even though these machines are made for harder, unique and specialized applications, Kobelco still offers their standard 3-year, 3000 hour full machine warranty. Kobelco is relentless in Research and Development, constantly interviewing customers and dealers to learn what the market demands are and is expecting. All this information is compiled with requests and comments from other markets around the world to improve Kobelco’s excavators’ performance and abilities. Company Wrench has been a leading Kobelco dealer for years, and understands the quality and workmanship that goes into these amazing excavators. Contact Company Wrench today to learn more about Kobelco excavators and how Company Wrench’s  Service Team can help you get ready for your next project!