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Why Fecon Mulching Equipment & Attachments Are the Best for Your Projects

May 27, 2020

Fecon is a market leader in mulching equipment and attachments. For your outdoor projects this season, Company Wrench has the equipment you need to make them a success. 

Fecon manufacturers mulchers in their Lebanon, Ohio facility for a worldwide market. Fecon makes sure to listen to their customer’s opinions and ideas about the equipment they offer to continuously improve. In addition to the significant technological advantages of Fecon’s “Power Management System” in all machines they offer, Fecon also offers several rotor choices and tooling options for their mulchers so that a contractor can choose which is best for their application. They can even vary their teeth per the specific conditions of their job. 

Fecon has more mulchers in the woods than anyone in the U.S., which means they have the most experience building and supporting them. In short, the technological advantages, the experience, and the fact that Fecon mulchers are proudly made in the USA are a few of the reasons why Fecon and Company Wrench are the right choice to provide the best equipment solutions for your application.

Company Wrench suggests these machines and attachments as “must-haves” for your commercial and residential projects:


Fecon’s purpose-built mulching tractors have three different horsepower levels to handle any job size.

Mulching Attachments

Whether there is just a long fence row that needs removed or trimmed, or a large acreage clearing project, Fecon attachments are available for any job.

  • Skid steer mulching attachments 
  • BH74SS High Flow Mulching attachments
  • Stumpex High Flow stump grinder
  • Fecon deck mowers (available in three widths)
  • Excavators with mulching attachments

Fecon’s machines and attachments are guaranteed to help contractors finish a project more quickly and efficiently. Fecon’s proprietary Power Management System includes a microprocessor that reads and relays grinding information back to the machine at all times and instantaneously adjusts the engine and hydraulic pumps in real time. This produces both maximum productivity and the best possible fuel economy for the machine. Coupled with this intelligent system is a variable displacement powered mulching head, which will “downshift” when more torque is needed and return to faster spinning mode in smaller brushy material. This combination of Power Management and variable displacement hydraulic motors provides a well-orchestrated symphony of performance that outperforms any competitors, and can be described in comparison as “blowing a horn.”

Company Wrench’s service department is available 24/7 to service Fecon Machines and attachments. Our parts department keeps OEM Fecon parts in stock and ready to go at a moment’s notice, to keep the customer up and running. Contact us today!