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Shears, MDP’S, and UP’s

August 30, 2018
For the demolition and scrap industries, shears, multi demolition processors, and universal processors are vitally important pieces of machinery. It’s important to purchase wisely and keep up with regular maintenance so your investment continues working for years to come. The two biggest issues that shears, MDP, and UP machinery face are lack of maintenance and improper usage. These three tools are high maintenance items because of their application; they are made for non-impact work. Each tool is designed to be positioned on the material to be processed and then do the work. Often, users want to pry, twist, and attempt to break the material rather than using the natural force of the tool. Failure to properly use these tools causes an exponential amount of wear and tear on them. This increased wear and tear can result in expensive repair bills. Keep in mind that for every 40 to 80 hours of run time, these attachments will need six to eight hours of maintenance. Failure to keep up on the maintenance severely diminishes the productivity and shortens the life of the tool. At Company Wrench, we go to great lengths to make sure our customers know the “dos and don’ts” when it comes to operating these tools. For shears, torque the bolts twice a day when the jaw is cool; usually in the morning before getting started and then again after a lunch break when the blades have had time to cool down. Grease is an absolute necessity! An old friend used to say, “you’re not going to burn it up with too much grease.” This is a very true statement, especially when it comes to shears. Additionally, check your blade gaps every day to make sure they are within spec. When it is time for a blade flip and jaw maintenance, stop and do it. Don’t try to get a few more days out of it – just get it done. Productivity with these tools is at its best when the shear has fresh blade edges with proper gaps set. UPX450 Universal Processor at WorkFor multi demolition processors, torque the bolts in the throat blades just as you would with the shear blades. Always watch the concrete teeth as you are working the tool. Improper use can cause you to lose a tooth while working. If you lose a tooth and keep cutting, it can cause severe damage to the tooth seat as well as the upper jaw. Be mindful of the maintenance rule that for every 40-80 hours of cutting you will need to do 6-8 hours of maintenance on the teeth. Because a universal processor can have a shear jaw set and a concrete processing jaw, the maintenance tips would be a combination of the shear and MDP maintenance tips. It will all depend on what jaw set is in the tool. Shears Attachment for Demolition MSD2250RTypically, if these tools are maintained well, they will have a long life cycle. Damages begin to occur as the tool gets older and maintenance is put off. At some point, the damage will become extensive and the cost to repair it is more than what the tool is worth. When it gets to this point, the best option may be to replace the tool completely. When you’re looking to replace a shear, MDP, or UP attachment, it is important to study the play in the pivot of the jaw, identify any cracks in the parent material or the body of the tool and the upper jaw, and check for hydraulic leaks or scoring on the cylinders. These are all issues that can be very costly to repair. Aside from the physical condition of the tool itself, you should also evaluate the level of support the dealer will be able to provide after the sale. Here are some important questions to ask any dealer when purchasing a new tool: 1. Do they have experience working with equipment used in your industry? 2. Are they able to help train your people to keep your tool as productive as possible? 3. Do they have experienced technicians who can promptly address any service issues? 4. Do they have the necessary parts in stock and readily available? Multi Demolition Processor for Demolition and ScrapIf you purchase tools from Company Wrench, you will discover the answer to each of these questions is a resounding, “Yes.” Company Wrench takes considerable pride in providing unparalleled customer service before and after the sale. Not only will it help you find the right tool for the job, Company Wrench will show your team how to properly use and maintain your tool for years to come. Should the need arise, Company Wrench’s experienced technicians will promptly respond to any service issues in order to eliminate unnecessary downtime. If you need a shear, MDP, or UP, please call Company Wrench today to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives.