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What to Look for When Renting Heavy Machinery

August 25, 2023

There are many factors to consider when renting heavy machinery to complete a project — deadlines, budget, job site dimensions, and the scope of the project are just a few.  It’s important to know exactly what type of rental equipment you need for your specific project so you can stay within budget and complete your job on time.  Below is a list of information you need to know before renting equipment.

What should you know before renting heavy machinery?

There are several key details to consider before you rent heavy equipment.  Consider the information below to ensure you rent the correct equipment to complete your project safely and efficiently.

Type of Equipment You Need

There are a wide range of heavy equipment available for rent.  You should first determine the function the equipment will perform on your job.  From there, evaluate any specific lift capacities or height requirements you might need during the project.  This will help you and the rental company decide the best machine and/or attachment for your job.  In some cases, equipment can be modified to better meet your specific requirements.

Jobsite Location and Size

The location and work areas of your project are also important to consider.  Your approach in a large city with less space will likely be different than a rural area that features wide open work areas.  Knowing these details will help the heavy equipment rental company suggest the perfect machinery for you.

Project Length

Estimating a general timeline for the project is an important step before signing the rental agreement because it helps you control costs by avoiding long periods of time the rental equipment goes unused.  Heavy equipment rental companies charge for the amount of time the equipment is out, not the amount of time the equipment is used.

Equipment Service Intervals

You should ask the heavy equipment rental company about the last time the equipment received service.  Most equipment in a dealer’s rental fleet receives some sort of service or maintenance after each rental period.  For example, Company Wrench performs inspections, buildup, and hardfacing on every LaBounty shear between rentals.  This process ensures each customer receives a like-new attachment.

Operator Training

Most rental companies offer operator training to help you reduce the chance of large damage bills.  Equipment rental companies can answer any operating or maintenance questions you have before the rental period.

Repair Policy and Maintenance

Most rental agreements include a repair policy that outlines what is considered expected wear versus damage.  In some cases, damage can be covered under a warranty claim to the manufacturer.  It is important to understand the dealer’s repair policy and ask questions for more clarity.

Additionally, you should be aware of any maintenance guidelines.  Some equipment requires preventative maintenance multiple times each day.  Consult the equipment’s operating manual and the heavy equipment rental company with any questions.

Insurance Coverage

Most dealers require a certificate of insurance prior to equipment delivery.  Review your existing insurance policy for any coverage you might have regarding the rental and operation of heavy machinery.  If you own or work for a business that regularly operates heavy equipment, you likely have some sort of policy in place already.

Scheduling Pickup or Delivery

The final step of the renting process is scheduling when you can pick up the equipment or have it delivered to your site.  Most dealers coordinate with trucking companies to get you the rental equipment within your desired timeframe.

Trust Company Wrench for Your Heavy Machinery Rentals

Company Wrench has provided quality heavy machinery rentals across the United States for over 20 years.  We believe customer service comes first, which is why we’re determined to give customers the best equipment and resources to complete their projects.  We have a large inventory of equipment for virtually any project, so contact us today about renting heavy machinery.

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