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Why buy JCB – New machines, new technology

May 9, 2018
Investing in a machine means investing in the company behind it. Construction equipment comes with a large price tag, so it’s important to invest in a company that you know you can trust for the lifetime of your machine. The best machines come from companies that invest not only in their products, but also in the well-being of their customers. JCB is this type of company. From pushing the boundaries of innovation, to focusing on the sustainability of their machines, JCB is a family-owned company that cares about its customers. Buying JCB machines means you’re investing in a cutting-edge, sustainable machine from a company trusted around the world. Whether you’re a general contractor, an independent owner-operated company, or anything in between, JCB is sure to have a machine that suits your needs. Midwest JCB Project Manager Clay Durham of Company Wrench believes that customers love JCB machines “due to their ease of maintenance” and straightforward operation. Company Wrench is a JCB Machine and JCB Parts DealerAside from being one of the top three manufacturers of construction machinery worldwide, the company has many other features that make it such a great company in which to invest your trust. From JCB’s beginning more than seventy years ago, the company has invested heavily in research and development, assuring buyers they are purchasing the most innovative construction machines available. Some of JCB’s newest machines include the 3CX-Compact backhoe, the 3TS-8T and 3TS-8W tele skids, and the 210 and 215 small platform skid steers. Durham says the new compact backhoe is 35% smaller than its full-size “big brother,” making it the perfect machine for narrow alleyways, small public streets, and cemeteries. The two newest tele skids come equipped with telescopic booms that allow hinge pin height to extend nearly three feet extra. This extra height allows for easier dumping into the middle of higher sided dump trucks and stacking of material in harder to reach areas. Finally, the small platform skid steers are replacing older models to allow for more lift capacity and power. We are a JCB dealer selling JCB equipment at competitive prices Typical of all JCB machines, these new additions do not require a diesel particulate filter. Durham explains this feature keeps the cost of ownership low and removes the burden of maintaining the diesel particulate filter since the machine will not have to regent. For most machines, each of the daily check points is located underneath the hood and is accessible from ground level–giving owners flexibility and control and making maintenance more ergonomic. All JCB machines also offer great visibility out of the cabs, creating safer work environment for everyone in and around the construction site. Purchasing machinery can be daunting, but it helps to know your machine was created by a top of the line company with one of the highest standards of excellence in the world. When you buy JCB, you are not only investing in a quality product, but also in the company behind it. If you’re looking for sustainable, innovative, and quality machines buying from JCB is always a rock-solid choice.