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Fuchs – Benefits, highlights, new machines

September 18, 2018

For 130 years, Fuchs has been a pioneer in innovative design for material handlers. Blending unique features, productivity, and cost-efficiency, Fuchs material handlers are the complete package. Whether working in a scrap yard, sawmill, ports handling, or recycling facility, Fuchs are designed to handle a variety of jobs for a variety of industries.

Fuchs is known for uncompromising quality and robust design and build. The high reliability of Fuchs machines and attachments make them an outstanding solution for any job. With material handlers ranging from 37,000lbs all the way up to 191,000lbs, Fuchs can fill any need you have on the job site. Fuchs also carries machines beyond wheeled handlers, including crawlers, electro machines, and stationary machines.

From the moment you step into a Fuchs material handler, you’ll understand what sets a Fuchs machine apart from the rest of the industry. As your trusted Terex Fuchs dealer, we have all the best Fuchs Machines for sale and rent. Company Wrench also has the largest inventory of Terex Fuchs parts and can provide efficient and expert service.

Fuchs Model Offerings:

MHL310 , MHL320, MHL331, MHL335

MHL340, MHL350, MHL360, MHL370

MHL375, MHL380, MHL390